MultiGPU Update: Two-GPU Options in Depth

Anandtech writes an analysis on the state of dual-gpu graphics cards:

MultiGPU solutions have been around for a few years now, and while we frequently include single card multiGPU solutions in our reviews, we only occasionally take an in depth look at multiGPU technology. Some time has passed since the last time we studied the issue, and now that we've fully broken in our Core i7 system, 64-bit Vista, and recent graphics drivers, it's time to get to it.

Over the past few weeks we've been benchmarking and analyzing lots of numbers. We've looked at single, two, three and four GPU systems across multiple games and resolutions. The configurations we chose to look at are current generation high-ish end hardware capable of operation in 3-way and 4-way configurations.

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Nihilism3553d ago

getting another $550 video card to go with my current $550 video card would be a waste of money..who'd have thought...

machete squad steve3553d ago

dip sh!ts running 280 triples on 24" lcd. "Yeh but I can run COD4 @ 350fps snort."

N4g_null3553d ago

LOL I bet you wonder why you die so quickly too LOL!

Seriously you just need one unless you suck. Not buying any thing till I find out more about larrabee....

sak5003553d ago

NO thanks burn from my last major pc related purchase in 2005 costing $700 still hurts. The XFX 7950GX2 really bummed me out. Never purchased anything heavy since then.

I might go for one of our own products Asus EAH4870x2 or an nvidia card which i can get a an employee price.

squidyj3553d ago

I'm kind of surprised that he didn't mention the lucid hydra technology. I mean it's already slated to appear on intels next x58 board (smackdown II). I think that would have earned it at least a footnote.