Game Trailers: Halo Wars Review

Is the Ensemble Studios swan song a perfect match or a cash-in?

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reaferfore203557d ago

Some people think 8.4 = fail for some reason.

Godmars2903557d ago

Some people, once the hype train is at full steam, can't settle for less than a 10 from all sources.

Even a 9 can set someone off - just look at KZ2.

chaosatom3557d ago

If so, then which is being sarcastic.

3556d ago
Mrs Helghast3556d ago

Hahahaha nice avatar! Kinda looks like Gabe Newell ate too much and is about to burst muffins from his eyes.

Nonsense 4 Gamers3556d ago

That or he ran out of muffins

Danja3556d ago

good score...I really did enjoy the demo which was a surprise to me , bcuz im not a RTS fan at all....overall ppl should buy this game if they also enjoyed the demo....job well done Ensemble

reaferfore203556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I'm mostly sarcastic in the open zone, mostly...

3556d ago
Kleptic3556d ago

both the killzone 2 and halo wars reviews seemed spot on least based on not playing...just meaning what they pointed out as pro's and con's seems to be well grounded, and the score justified...

I was interested to see how Ensemble handled the control...and rather than a completely groundbreaking control tree, which many expected...they simply kept everything dialed way down (max units, tech trees, overall scale and map size)...which is fine, as it will never overwhelm the player...but to any PC RTS fan, console RTS games haven't really moved forward from here this review say 'anyone that has played Starcraft...' is not exciting news for this genre imo...

I'm more surprised that there are not more RTS games on consoles this generation that simply support keyboards...MS would most likely make an 'official' keyboard for the 360 (for like $400), that would work with the system...and would work with RTS games...and the PS3 already supports that stuff anyway...universally...its just up to developers to use it...

Starcraft 2...I guarantee...would sell 3-4 million units MORE if it was available on will already be a huge blockbuster, despite the very goofy installment agenda they are pushing...but there is no question that if it had a direct port to consoles with full mouse and keyboard support, that it would sell much better...

DO_NOT_WANT3556d ago

8.4/10 is a massive flop. You can't enjoy games that get rated 8.4
It's impossible.

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reaferfore203557d ago


Gobuz3557d ago

It's we'll above average so a good score, better than i thought it would be. I still strongly believe RTS does no belong on to a console, but i hope it breaks new ground and brings RTS to Xbox owners.

Godmars2903557d ago

From the review, until the 360 gets mouse and keyboard support, Halo Wars isn't going to bring RTS vets over. If anything it sounds like it'll piss them off.

OOG3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

im assuming they never meant to bring "Vets" of rts from pc to console.... considering most people who are vets have their functions hot keyd etc.... hence they do not use the normal tasks and probably are not the target... I see this game set for console gamers and casual gamers.... nowhere near directed directly to the pc crowd.

Kleptic3556d ago

godmar...totally agree...

its another step into the consoel market for this genre...but doesn't really do anything that hasn't been done on consoles already...and probably will not be until consoles ship with a mouse and keyboard (next generation consoles may do this, as they will push to be a full blown PC in a lot more ways than they are this generation)...

I wasn't really hyped for the game anyway...but I was somewhat anticipating the possibility of Halo wars being the Halo of console RTS games...meaning...there was the potential that this could have been the threshold where a developer finally figured out how to get a big RTS controllable by a console controller...

the reality was the opposite...its a very small RTS in every way, controllable only by a controller...which will do nothing to strengthen the genre on consoles...

Halo as a first person shooter did what I am talking sort of unanimously told the industry that a first person shooter, at that point still regarded as impossible, could be great on a console...goldeneye did it too, but only a completely one off controller that other consoles did not, and would never, have...

I was hoping the same thing would have come out of halo wars...and it didn't...still a great game, worth owning for fans of the franchise or small scale rts...but not for 'vets', as you put it...

Godmars2903556d ago

Then what's the point of bringing in "casuals" who are only going to learn how shallow the game is, how poor a platform a console is for it, as/if they pick up a love for the genera? How does MS defend against the accusation that they're only milking the franchise?

If the game does do honestly well building the rep for RTSs on the 360, now with Ensemble closed how is MS going to capitalize and further develop such a foundation?

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Kushan3557d ago

RTSs have sort of died down a bit recently. I think apart from Dawn of War II and whatever abomination EA is calling C&C these days, there's not been a lot to perk my interest in the last 12 months. Starcraft 2 is about the only other one I know of this year that's vaguely interesting me. I'm hoping Halo Wars will bring some new fans to the genre, enough to get it kicking again.

FantasyStar3557d ago

You MUST play World in Conflict.

Vecta3557d ago

Or maybe try any of the Total War games.

FantasyStar3557d ago

Good score. Can't say I agree with everything the guy says: but it sounds good to me.

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