Halo: ODST Exclusive Developer Interview

Gameplayer has an exclusive interview with Microsoft's Ryan Crosby, and Creative Director and Writer for Halo:ODST, Joseph Staten.

They talk about Halo 3, Shock Troopers, and the reinvention of the Halo Franchise.

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Capt CHAOS3218d ago

Glad the Halo3 is so well supported by bungie, plenty on there to keep me busy until this comes out..

ThanatosDMC3217d ago

Gameplay would probably be the same. But i think, they're making this game darker in atmosphere. I'm basing that on all of the the concept arts. A darker Halo would work for this one because first of all he cant be equal to MasterChief or it'll be BSing all the Halo fans.

Kushan3218d ago

Nice interview, but nothing we didn't already know about the game.

Faztkiller3218d ago

cant wait to get my hands on this game

Jerk1203218d ago

See, THIS is a game.

Not that Crapzone 2 or Suck of War 3 bullcrap.

REAL GAME and without a doubt a definite AAA.

Kushan3218d ago don't actually know anything about the game...

onomix3218d ago

You don't need to know anything. It is Halo. That makes it automatically AAA. Go Halo.

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