Deadly Creatures Review: This is not your average Wii game (TrueGameHeadz)

TGH writes:
"This is not your average Wii game – or your average video game for that matter. In terms of its arachnid inspired subject matter, it's pretty much in a category all by itself. No other game in recent memory has allowed you to play as a scorpion or a tarantula creeping around on the desert floor, tearing wings off of wasps or going head-to-head with a rattlesnake. It's a creative take on the 3rd-person action genre, stripping out the guns and swords, and replacing them with pincers and fangs. While it may not be the most original genre to tackle, Rainbow Studio's take on it has definitely breathed some new life into a stale genre; proving that sometimes it's a good idea to let studios be creative, instead of forcing them to churn out the same genre over and over.

While the concept of the game is fun for any grown man who refuses to let go of the kid inside of him, somehow, that's not even the best part. "Deadly Creatures" also offers a creative take on storytelling by making the playable characters, the scorpion and the tarantula, not the main characters of the game's story; that honor is reserved for the non-playable humans voiced..."

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