Gundam:Musou Doubles PS3 Sales reports:

"As we've been suggesting for quite some time, preliminary reports out of Japan have indicated that Gundam Musou -- the Namco-Bandai and Koei love child that mixes Gundam with Dynasty Warriors -- has had an impact on the PlayStation 3's sales. The game itself went on to sell somewhere in the neighborhood of 180,000k copies, which is very impressive."

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techie4300d ago

40k? Amazing what one game can do.

MoonDust4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

That is truly AMAZING.

techie4300d ago

Nope. There is a new gundam game which is getting 8's. Maybe make clear what gundam game it is GaMr

Honeal2g4300d ago

this has to be a different game.....its impossible ...just impossible to be the same game....i refuse to believe it..cause if its the same game that got a 2/10 which is probably too much to begin with then ...thats just Sad... also shows that they will buy it no matter wat its like ....guess the name is all u need (Gundam)....i dont mean to come of as biased but i think everyone from both camps can agree that game was trash...with a lack of effort...

Raist4300d ago

It's gundam target in sight that got horrible scores, not musou

lil bush4300d ago

thats a big improvement.

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