OXCGN Halo Wars Exclusive Competition for Aust/NZ Entrants

OXCGN Exclusive Competition:

"A unique once only prize pack worth in excess of $AU350 is up for grabs from MIDDAY Tuesday 23rd February and will be drawn on Friday 6th March at 7pm AEST, just prior to OXCGN's first Playdates which will on XboxLIVE at 8pm Friday 6th March AEST.

Remember, the Halo 3 Mythic Map Set including Orbital, Sandbox and Assembly are included in the Halo Wars Limited Edition available on February 26th (Aust)."

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gaminoz3529d ago

I wannit....I guess I shouldn't have posted this then. (thumps head...)

XboxOZ3603529d ago

Well thankfully I already have the Legendary Edition of Halo 3, so all I need is the LE of Halo Wars ..

It's terrible having things you collect, every time you miss one you heart sinks a little deeper .. .

lord_of_balrogs3529d ago

Online is going to be packed. I'll be the campaign first giving the servers time to settle down.

XboxOZ3603529d ago

Yes, and you watch the ppl jump up and down and complain aboutit as well. Heck, if they had to manage over a few million ppl all trying to play a game at once, they'd have some sizable headaches s well.

SO please be forgiving guys when release day comes along. They can only do their best you know.

Beside, taking the time to run through Single Player mode a few times would sharpen your skills, rather than going online straight off the bat and being crushed by those that have practiced a lot.