Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories for the PSP spotted on HMV

Talk about a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game for the PSP has been going on for quite some time now. While nothing really panned out in a rock-solid and official sense, QJ.NET reader Xeinix pointed us towards an HMV page that contained the following listing:

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edwineverready3347d ago

loved the other two psp gta's

Blaze9293347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

Be it true or not, I hope a GTA San Andreas Stories comes to the PSP. Rockstar pretty much set it up. In San Andreas, CJ left becuase his brother got killed so he ran off to live in liberty city. Well for San Andreas Stories, it could be his brother being the main character and shows the events leading up to his death.

Also infrastructure mode this time around is a must.

MasFlowKiller3347d ago

I hope they make it happen

ThanatosDMC3347d ago

If they can fit San Andreas with all its glory in the UMD, i'll definitely buy it!

TheDude2dot03347d ago

Thanks for spoiling GTA:SA jerkwad.

Tony P3347d ago

I hope they make it happen too provided R* can sufficiently maintain a proportional sense of scale and open-ended character development that made SA so popular. Personally, I'd hate to have it step back in those significant areas.

Danja3347d ago

it's bound to happen but can R* actually fit all that stuff on a UMD ?

ape0073347d ago

san andreas was one of the best games ever
I'll pick this up in a heart beat

N4360G3347d ago

I hope Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas Stories comes out for the PSP,It would sell alot of PSP's and I would buy it on day one of it's release!!

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3347d ago

i cant wait for GTA Niko Bellic stories :P

40cal3347d ago

Hopefully that comes soon after this one.

DNAgent3347d ago

Hopefully they don't make that at all. GTA4 doesn't need a spinoff of any kind because that game was mediocre and the worst in the series.

solidsnakus3347d ago

haha this already exists its called lost and damned, and the next episode as well. they both revolve around nikos story

kickaski3346d ago

well the actor won't do any more work, so i think that's it for Niko

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Jadaking3347d ago

But I doubt this will be true. I think Rockstar will be too busy doing other project and if it is true then that's cool too.

mrdxpr23347d ago

cant wait hopefully we can still fly airplanes i loved that in san andreas ..

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The story is too old to be commented.