Final Fantasy IV Sequel Coming To The US

Will be called Final Fantasy IV: The After Years according to a trademark discovery a clue that Square Enix is publishing it here.

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Jerk1203556d ago

But it's for phones. It sucks.


kwicksandz3556d ago

Wasnt this hinted to be an XBLA release not long ago?

AllseeingEye3556d ago

Stop rehashing this stuff. Make and finish the new stuff please. Who has the patients or the time to play these games anymore?

PS360WII3556d ago

I have time and really do want this game to be released outside of Japan. FFIV is my fav of the bunch so more of it is a warm welcome :)

Tony P3556d ago

It's not like it's just a port or remake. I can't figure how you call a full sequel with a completely new story a 'rehash'.