Ten Memorable Moments in SNES Music

Simm from Spawn Kill reminisces about memorable moments in SNES music:

"The other day as I rummaged through YouTube and its amazing content, I came across users who had playlists of music from the 16-bit days. Like I said earlier, I was the SNES kid so I didn't recognize any of the Sega music outside of Sonic the Hedgehog games, but the SNES music made me weep in nostalgia. The SNES games had some very memorable music, some more than others of course. After questing my way through YouTube, I have come up with a list of 10 pieces that are memorable to me, and that I think other gamers will remember and enjoy as well."


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tigresa3580d ago

I have to admit, these are a lot of interesting selections that I didn't expect to see! And I like that it's not just the games itself, it's specific tracks and samples too. Love the Donkey Kong Country Aquatic theme!