Nidzumi inTouch: Payback Review

Nidzumi writes: "Now nobody likes to draw direct comparisons to other games but when a game is an obvious take on an existing game it's hard to avoid it. The problem is when you develop a game that is so close to a previously released game it hardly ever beats the original material. That's why it's interesting to see Payback. Sure it is a complete clone of the original top down Grand Theft Auto but when you put that on an iPhone you've got an interesting spin on it.

In Payback you go through the normal classic GTA style process of going to a phone booth to receive information on a mission. The missions have enough variation to keep you interested but while you get used to the controls you'll be hitting the failure screen more often than not. This would be acceptable but when you fail a mission, you have failed a mission and you can't replay it again. It makes sense from a realism angle but from a learning the game and experiencing everything the game has to offer angle it falls flat on it's face. Especially at the start when the game is easing you into the mechanics and controls and you miss out on some key information."

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