EDN: Sony's PS3: I'll Give It A C(-)

This review won't give a nod to future prognostications; it's a reflection of what PS3 owners have cumulatively experienced over the past three months, since the console's launch in early November, and through multiple firmware upgrades.

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Contra264297d ago

C grade?...
well... the article defends itself.

BoneMagnus4297d ago

When some AAA games come along - MGS, FFXIII, and there is a price drop.

When all that happens, you'll see me in a line purchasing one.

RelloC4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

that it will EVENTUALLY make it to A status, but how long do we have to wait for it to get to what we were shown like 2 years ago? very *well done article tho.


THWIP4297d ago

There haven't been any lines for the PS3 since the first week of launch.
Why would there be a line at any point in the future?

OldSchoolGamer4297d ago

He makes the point I make, and thats simply waiting for a good selection of games, for the video game system. I mean blu-ray is nice and all but I want video games, if I wanted a HD-DVD or blu-ray player I would buy one. DVD is great quality to me, and no point dropping that kind of cash for a couple years until one or neither wins. As for the breaking facts are I'm on my 3rd Ps2 each of which were out of warentee, so I had to buy new units, and on my 2nd 360 which was covered. So, failures I can understand on systems it happens both ways.

WTF4296d ago

Too much crap not, enough games and according to sony there will be no price drop in 2 years (2009) so keep waiting.Focus on GAMES SONY!! otherwise it will be another psp,umd.

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