Nidzumi: RacePro Review: Realistically Accessible

Nidzumi writes: "Realistic driving simulators are a hard genre for someone to just wonder into. They are full of insanely geeky amounts of tuning options and naturally have a step learning curve on them. Games like Forza and Gran Turismo now have carved them self their own niche in the market and have really set themselves apart from the rest of the genre. That's why it was with some pessimism that I picked up RacePro but it's also why I was incredibly impressed and surprised at SimBin have done with the game."

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GiantEnemyCrab3521d ago

I keep reading reviews for this game that gush over it and then look at the score they give it and scratch my head.

HarukoHex3521d ago

i know, the game is actually rather good, just some issues with it though. the game gets brutally hard later on pro.