G4TV DICE 2009: Todd Howard Interview - 'The Pitt', Violence, and Reader Questions

G4TV writes: "At the 2009 DICE Summit, Raymond Padilla caught up with Bethesda's Todd Howard, game director for Fallout 3. The interview was taped the morning after the AIAS Awards (and after party) with both Raymond and Todd trucking through on three hours of sleep.

In the interview, you'll hear how Todd and the team at Bethesda made the violence so fun in Fallout 3 - "Make sure the optic nerve is there." Todd didn't want players to take the violence seriously, but carry a realistic impact so you felt that you actually made someone's head explode. Find out which movie acted as an inspiration for this way of presenting violence.

Todd will also talk about The Pitt, the upcoming DLC expansion for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. By the way, you can read my hands-on impressions of the pack here. As Todd mentions, the pack will offer a classic Fallout experience when compared to the action-focused Operation: Anchorage. P.S.: he totally name-drops Carnegie Mellon (Go Tartans!)."

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