AGN Reviews GTA 4: The Lost and Damned

AusGamers writes:

"The Lost and Damned does something similar to Operation Anchorage, but where the Fallout 3 expansion failed in compelling narrative, The Lost and Damned makes up for in spades in as much the same way you're not really given an intense set of tools to reshape your play experience outside of story-telling in The Lost and Damned as you were with Operation Anchorage.

Comparing these two experiences is both important and warranted because they represent the idea games can exist beyond a single buy experience. You don't need to purchase a full sequel if a game's game-world foundations are as solid as the likes of Fallout 3 or GTA IV (there are others too, such as Mass Effect, but I digress). It's what developers can do with said game-worlds post initial launch that sets their DLC moments apart...

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