The Gamer's Hub: Where is my Axis Campaign?

As a gamer who enjoys first person shooters on consoles I am continually disappointed by the lack of balance in the WWII shooters. I'm not talking about the balance between classes as that is often good. I'm talking about the balance of representation. Specifically the lack of Axis campaigns in games and the way the Axis powers are portrayed. Being a bit of an armchair historian, I am going to tackle what I perceive is the biggest obstacle developers and publishers face: Nazi Germany.

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Elven63554d ago

Wow this is actually a well written piece, I'm surprised this guys knows the difference between Nazi and Heer! They do have Axis campaigns but not in campaign shooters, unfortunately. If done right why not go for it?

Scene 1: Have the main character who is only a child at this point witness what many dubbed "the rape of the Rhine" by France.
Scene 2: Said soldier grown up in the Heer is part of the German invasion of France.

Their is definitely enough in World War II to warrant a Axis campaign, Afrika Corps is a prime example. Under the command of Rommel not a SINGLE member of Afrika corps was blamed for a war crime of any type. Infact Rommel is credited with saving thousands of Jews and POW's from a worse fate,

Unfortunately the masses of society, mainly American and European don't know the difference between Nazi (A member of the Nazi political party) and Heer (member of the German army) so to do such a thing will be extremely difficult.

When it came to concentration camps, I assume the general thinking of many is all "Nazi's" had a hand in it when in reality their were different tiers, the soldiers fighting on the front may not have even known Jews and other undesirables were being rounded up in territory they captured. And then those that actually were a part of the regiments stationed in captured territories have grey areas following them, two sects of MP were usually stationed their, one to deal with rebellions and keep the general peace and the other to round up undesirables, at a time of conscription how many were truly doing it because they wanted to and how many were actually doing it because they wanted to live?

To sum things up its complicated, the developers will have to cross many hurdles to convince society the game is indeed right (assuming it deals with Heer and not Nazi), this is a task I doubt many developers want to take up. Germans may do it, they made one hell of a war film portraying German soldiers in World War II (Search for Stalingrad, really good movie)