Second Killzone 2 Live Chat Coming this Wednesday

Hello All!

Back by popular demand (and we do mean "demand"), Guerrilla Games will be staying up late in Amsterdam this coming Wednesday, February 25th, to participate in a second in-Blog live chat & sharing more info on Killzone 2.

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Parapraxis3578d ago

Yay! I'm off work this time so I can take part.
Can't wait!

Karum3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

It looks to be at the same time as the last one but the thing is that this time I might not be able to log on (was on for the last one) because the site I have the game ordered from is known for having games with you like 2 days before release so I'll have a copy of the game in my PS3 lol.

I think Jeff and the guys from Guerilla would forgive me though haha.

Blademask3578d ago

People ask stupid FAQ questions that are found if you simply google it first. The chat last time was 100% useless.

Aclay3578d ago

I took part in the first Live Chat last week and I totally agree with Blademask, because a whole bunch of stuff I already knew was talked about, and there weren't that many questions answered by Seb. Downie considering the chat went on for 1 hour, but it was pretty cool to interact with the developers nonetheless.

Since Jan-Bart Van Beek (Art Director) and Geert Donker (Don't know his role on Killzone 2) are going to be in this chat, I'm guessing that there will definantly be things discussed that weren't talked about in last weeks chat and really hope so.

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