Will DLC Save PC Gaming

The PC has fallen from it's once glorious position as the platform from which all innovation sprung. The PC was the home of the first curved surfaces (Quake 3), the place where all console FPS now get thier "cutting edge features", no more. The PC has largely been reduced to a port platform save the occasional mainstay title such as Sims, StarCraft 2, and WoW.

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GWAVE3553d ago

PC gaming doesn't need to be saved. It's just changing (again) like it has in the past. I doubt the author does much PC gaming when they say things like "The PC has largely been reduced to a port platform save the occasional mainstay title such as Sims, StarCraft 2, and WoW".

The author does make a good point that while console gamers are going ga-ga over $10 map packs and $20 mission packs, PC gamers have been modding their favorite games for over a decade....for free. PC gaming has always been the #1 spot for content. Period.

solar3553d ago

/clap. nice comment GWAVE.

DLC wont do anything for PC gaming. the mod community helps to keep the PC a great platform for gaming. frankly i cant buy a map pack on a console when i know i can get endless amounts of maps on my PC for free.

DeadlyFire3552d ago

Glad someone gets it.

I still play Counter-Strike: Source and the Half-Life 2 mods on Steam. They are tons of fun and all free. Who needs a new game every year when you have mods flooding in for free. Lots of the mods are great and developed by future game developers as well. One example is the developers of Type 3. A new Sci-Fi/FPS/RPG game coming in the next year or so. Developed by a Crysis mod team turned game developer. Awesome huh? PC game mods are giving birth to a whole new slew of independent game developers. I can't wait to play Star Wars New Era HL2 mod. Its a team based objective based mod for HL2 based on Star Wars and Films/EU of Star Wars. So far it looks awesome. First build is likely to debut later in 2009/2010.

bardler3552d ago

PC gamers are not dumb enough to buy 3 maps and new character outfits for $10.

silvacrest3552d ago

DLC wont save anything, consoles or PCs

They both NEED full games to stay alive, DLC is just a nice incentive to continue playing

Nihilism3552d ago

if bethesda released the 3 dlc packs as a retail box, one you could install and play without having to have gfwl online to even access content you paid for....then it'd be good, but as of now dlc sucks, that's just one example but there are many

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