x360a Review: Mirror's Edge Pure Time Trial Pack

x360a writes: "One of the latest premium downloadable content packs to hit the Marketplace was for the Marmite title, Mirror's Edge. For those not familiar with Marmite, it's a food that is available in the UK that you either love or you hate, and it's a great way of summing up the first person action adventure title that hit our consoles last November.

Me? I was one of those who loved it (Mirror's Edge, not Marmite). The liberating feeling of scaling the rooftops picking up speed and momentum as you jumped from building to building. The Pure Time Trial however is nothing like that and the caption for the pack "leave the city behind" is an understatement.

The downloadable content pack which only weighs in around a modest 200 mega bytes and can be purchased for 800 Microsoft Points, offers gamers the chance to play across 9 more time trial courses plotted across 7 new and obscure maps. So that's the chance to get yourself another 27 stars and rip your hair out trying to work out the perfect route and execute it flawlessly..."

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