Sony's Got Their Swagger Back

It wasn't all that long ago that the biggest complaint about Sony's PS3 was the lack of games. In one short year times have dramatically changed. The PS3's 09 line-up is by far the best of any console on the market right now, and Sony knows it. The first must have PS3 exclusive of the year comes to stores at the end of the week. Killzone 2 is the biggest of them all. Five years of hype has been building to head and from the reviews so far it is about to be crowned one of the best FPS games of all time.
Come this Friday Killzone 2 will be the best looking game on any console. Sony knows this and they know that there is more of the same on the way. God of War 3 looks to be an amazing game. The developers of the game have even mentioned that they want the game to look better than Killzone 2. Then you have games like Uncharted 2, Heavenly Rain and InFamous. A clear pattern is being set. Sony has always touted of the PS3 exceptional graphic abilities. Only now though are we starting to see just what they were talking about. With all the hype surrounding their titles this year it is no wonder that it appears as if Sony has gained some of its swagger back that was lost these last two years. Sony's senior VP of marketing, Peter Dille, has stated that Sony will be launching "the most aggressive marketing year in its history" It all starts with Killzone 2 and ends with God of War 3. Dille was even so bold as to say "We'll put our exclusives up against anyone."

So just what is Sony so confidant about? Check out GamingFront's 09 PS3 Exclusive Games Preview.

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oriol0033554d ago

An Xbox Fanboy would report it

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

The viral marketing did not help microsoft very much.
When will they realize they FAILED, will continue to fail, and quit this nonsense... and while they're at it, quit the video game console market as well.

fredy3554d ago

then last years swagger..

Danja3554d ago

we had plenty of great 1st party games to play in the 1st year..and the second year got better and now the third year is even better..

@troll above...

did you know that the 360 was selling less last years January than it was the year b4 ??...and it was also on it's second year...didn't hear ne complaints..suck it up..PS3 is "THEE GAMING CONSOLE"...move

RememberThe3573554d ago

It's about confidence. They got a lot to be confident about right now.

theKiller3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

did anyone have any doubts about it?

did any body thought stupid xbox 1.5(360) will really beat ps3??? they had 3-4 price cuts just last year to keep up with ps3!!!!

i said before and i will say it again, 2007 was 360's golden time and yet ps3 outsold it by couple millions with no games and high price while 360 was at the right price that time with the right games

Halo 3
Mass Effect

and people said ps3 is the new dream cast and that 360 is the new ps2 and i was arguing with people that when the big games of ps3 get release and with the right price 360 will be finished!!

68% of all the existing 360's had defected!!!! and i think its even higher!!!

just let ps3 have its price cut to 299USD and u will see ps2 era all over again!!

ignorant 360 fanboys had their time and they used it in the worst way ever by bashing the ps3 non stop, theMart,bloodmask,pp,jason 360 etc all were and still bashing the ps3 while ps3 is only going forward and 360 backward with its old technology!!

talking about brainwashing just like most americans with CNN and fox news etc!

dear americans, stop watching TV and start searching multiple different sources coming from different backgrounds to judge anything or any topic and specially conflicts, whether its political or religious or gaming(sony vs MS or ps3 vs 360) etc!

from the internet u can get all u want and u will always find the truth if u seek it!

JokesOnYou3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

After the great holiday sales Jan 09 started like this:
NPD 360 sales= 309,000 up 33% year over year
NPD ps3 sales= 203,200 down 25% year over year
360 games in top 10= 4
ps3 games in top 10= 0

damm and who would of thought micro's doing decent numbers in Euro too, with UK in their favor and even with claims of them being "dead" in japan they've almost mangage to double the hardware sales consistently, with LO4 recent first day sales on par with ps3 exclusive WKC sales, I mean really who would of thought a few years ago this was possible for micro in the Land of the Rising Sun of all places, where 360 is dead?

That's great sony got their "swagger" back though, it seems their all doing great then, so micro must just be a little "swaggier" right now and no need for wii numbers everybody knows they are the "swaggiest".


Why o why3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

when did the goalpost get shifted to handpicking npd data and stuff like that. You gotta laugh sometimes. Why couldnt you be a little more neutural and explain why the 360 only really features in the uk charts in Europe or that you chose the lowest selling game in asia to make a point. We can all cherry pick geezer.

EVEN when the ps3 overtakes the 360 it will be great for the fanatics yes but it wont make a bit of difference to me because i dont get to play sales or get paid by them. I just want sony to KEEP innovating and bringing me games from out of the box games like flower and noby noby to 'cut ur face of wiv a hatchet' eye burners like killzone and drakes. Throw in a little free console first like HOME and whatever they do next and im good. Im telling ya its far more rewarding.

On your 'swagger' stance head to head (sony, MS) sony done more. sales were equal maybe but games, new ips concepts were just more in sonys corner from DD full games + movies (some parts of the world) to home, life with ps, FULL divx support etc vs NXE, avatars, netflix etc

add me to psn and get killzone. stop the long

@silvacrest, yep

silvacrest3554d ago

when you cant present your case with quality games what do you do?
fall back on sales which, no gamer or even casual should care about
and to top it off? only use NPD numbers because we all know world wide sales mean sh!t "looks at 2008 worldwide hardware sales"

and just to be clear i also think the article reffers to swagger as sonys confident game line up

JokesOnYou3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

"when did the goalpost get shifted to handpicking npd data and stuff like that" -why o why

-what do you mean "handpicking npd"...lolz, you act as if I picked some random month, news flash its the latest npd data which covers the US, even all 3 companies use npd data in their press releases...also I went on to talk about decent sales in Euro pointing out that they lead in the largest Euro market(UK) and then I even talked about Japan; so where's the cherrypicking which market did I leave out, ahh I forgot to make it clear that ps3 leads in Japan, oh and I forgot about Australia where 360 leads also and don't forget about Antartica's booming game market. [confused look]

-As for your goalpost changing reference please stop acting naive, this IS n4g there is NO goalpost EVERYTHING MATTERS its just a question of whats the convenient spin at the moment given the topic and the individual making the comments....360 fans say graphics don't matter are full of BS, they mattered when Gears first hit and they matter now, its only because KZ2 has a Edge *atm, that some would say "they don't matter", me I've always said they are important, but not everything, theres a difference. Actually on that topic I'm a graphics whore, its usually what draws me into a game, but at the end of the day I'm a gamer first and to keep my attention the gameplay has to win me over, so again yes gameplay is more important to me, but I love some sweet fcking graphics. PS3 fans who say sales don't matter are full of BS, they matter now and have always mattered to anyone other than casuals who DO NOT comment on n4g, saying otherwise is a blatant LIE or you wouldn't even feel the need to look at sales on n4g much less comment on them, any gamer with a brain knows sales can dictate how much content/games you see on a particular platform, that MATTERS to hardcore gamers like us, so stop the sob story and the lame "all I care about is games" BS, if that were true you'd have laugh at my post and move on....what you think I fell off the naive news 4 gamers truck today? Try harder.

-As for the rest of your post do I really need to tell you how ridiculous it sounds...I've enjoyed plenty of great exclusives on my 360, while me personally waiting for MGS4, I own LBP too now...I will get KZ2 and I'm not interested in anything else on ps3 until GoW3, simply because multiplats for me are better on 360, games like infamous don't impress me when imo there are better multiplats in the same genre, releasing in the same time frame like Prototype, I love gaming, I buy a lot of games but I have less and less time to actually play them, I still haven't finished Fable2, so I have to pick and choose in some cases, sorry infamous fans, but hey too each his own. I got plenty of games on 360 and plenty to look forward too, I just bought SF4 for 360, yesterday, I'm getting Halo Wars *SOON, RE5 soon, not sure about Race Pro and I'm contemplating Hawkz, too bad I don't care for jrpg's much because SO4 looks great for jrpg fans, either way those games will hold me for quite some time, I expect there will be a few surprises by mid year, including other great multplats and then micro will do what they all ways do, drop some bigtime exclusives during the holidays....wheres these hundreds a games sony folks are playing now, and the only thing with a release date is KZ2, rest is all announcements and future stuff...ha ha as if sony isn't known for talking up front only to push shiii back to mid next year.

"when you cant present your case with quality games what do you do?
fall back on sales" -silvacrest

-ha ha, like I said sales always matter, only fools in LAST PLACE say otherwise, if NOT then why are sony folks always touting ps2 sales? By your logic its because they had no quality games to fall back on, oooops lolz, as a ps2 owner I know your logic is flawed (smile)=


arika3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

"looks like real facts bother some people"

looks like real facts are bothering you even more.

hey joker can i ask you something if MS sells a gazillion xbox 360,s do you get paid as well? not! we are all gamers here so most of us are more interested with great games that we can enjoy and marvel at, rather great sales.

i admit the good thing going for xbox is that it had a year headstart and it is also the cheapest console around, but having said that it should have been number one, instead its number two and soon to be the least wanted console. soon

and the jokes will be on you joker.... hahaha!

Why o why3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

you are cherry picking to make a point like ONLY the most recent data matters. Yeah you can tell a noob that stuff and sound like MS BUT a lot is going on elsewhere just like last year and the year before. I love/hate n4g for its immaturity and angst. Ill keep it simple

Games out. Sony wins

Sales. Equal

Graphics. Sony

Games coming (i notice that means little to you, wonder why;) Sony

= sony 'swagier'. It seems MS are 'swagier' if you ONLY look at console sales and 'teh most recent' data. And yeah those unknown unknown countries that you didn't mention is classic as its those same countries that kept the ps3 selling the same amount as the 360 at a higher price point.

You can list all of what you do and dont like, its just a wall but the fact remains the same. Sony knows more than we do and I like games over sales. Its all too easy to deflect and say what us ps3 guys do say or sh!t but thats not me now is it. Im addressing YOU and Im not gunna hold you responsible or accountable for something PP n pals say now am I? Like i said when the ps3 overtakes the 360 it will be nice for a hot minute but i'll get NOTHING.

I took a step back from n4g because it was becoming a drain, yeah its fun but logic and understanding seems to elude many here. I got sucked back and here i am reading 'swagier' when in actual fact MS flattered to deceive. They were shouting the loudest meanwhile all of the old notions were crushed. Games , graphics, line up, value AND sales. Its been out a year longer and can only produce 2 UE games to show its power that your a whore for, cummon!

anyway enjoy your multiplats. Ill even say that it must be the live community that made you buy streetfighter on the 360 because that d thing fails. Im not here trying to sway you or anything but the only real swagger MS had was marketing pr and price drops.... oh and the best DLC your money can buy;) I prefer the choice of real games to chose from and some of last years library can keep me going till after killzone as i've had it since last week so you are right about a lack of time to game especially when we have jobs to do, mouths to feed and friends/family that we actually see and interact with. still doesnt stop your convenient shift of the g posts now does it as time will ALWAYS be a factor if you're out of your teens


WOW, what a LONG, LAME attempt at saving microsofts reputation.

your post reminds me of the 360,
"unnecessary noise".

JokesOnYou3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Well I answered all your points, this goalpost you speak of is all in your head, nobody with a straight face can say that sales, graphics, games don't matter to folks on n4g.

I say *for now KZ2 has the edge in graphics, and I've said countless times I will buy it.

I say overall 360 has given me the most gaming fun this gen,(which is why based on the headline I joked about it being "swaggier") I explained why and what I'm looking forward to, in fact its not even close 360 hands down has better stuff for me, I see no reason why the future will be any different. Yeah, I really liked MGS4 (cutscene length not my cup of tea though) and LBP was short-lived fun, I couldn't really stay with it but in fairness that happens with alot of 360 games I liked too, I have a short attention span, Gears 1 and 2, COD4, Halo3, Mass Effect, and Forza2 (I love the customization and feel of that game) are the only games I played months after release. 360 gaming has just been better for me....and again I don't have alot of gaming time like I use to so Yes I'm selective in my choices, I've been gaming along time and I know what I like so it just boils down to 360 being the best platform for me, but I'm a gamer so I knew eventually I would get a ps3, I use it every now and then for those certain exclusives I want. No bragging but I make decent money so gaming is easily affordable to me, its more about the principle, I buy what I think is revelant to me. If ps3 is "swaggier" for you thats great, ya see thats "why o why" we disagree. I stand by my comments, and the numbers speak for themselves. I mean you talk about "cherrypicking" yet you throw out statements about 360 price drops as if ps3 is still $600 bucks, you talk about PR as if sony's propaganda machine isn't well known for "over promising", its shiii like that why o why I can't take you seriously. -If I'm so off then at least respond with some balance that I can't ignore, instead of more one sided BS n4g sony loyalist "cut & paste" talking points.


Why o why3554d ago

tut tut The 360 was being outsold for most of the year. It was the most recent price drop that made some units cheaper than the wii thus levelling it up with the ps3's units as you know. Thats a FACT equalling draw verdict: '360 or ps3 not swaggier'.

Marketing and PR, yeah sony really do the mountain dew thing dont they, sony dont do the marketing pr thing enough imo. Remember since you love recent stats it was MS who claimed these 2 to 1 leads and this and that yet when the numbers came out both consoles were on par despite the ps3 being (check this out) at a higher price point. Nobody said anything about sony not having a reduction so i dont know what u were going with that 1

Games. The ps3 had more (hate the term and all it stands for) but AAA titles. Ill just say the ps3 had MORE games of a higher quality both full price and off psn. We didn't have to wait until the end of the year for a major exclusive release. Sony win verdict = '360 not swaggier'

You've mentioned graphics and kudos for stating the obvious but GT5 p already outdone anything the 360 had done despite it allegedly being easier to dev for. sony win verdict = '360 not swaggier'

You then speak of 'what you prefer' well thats bloody obvious Sherlock. I didnt know the point of the original article was about what was had more swagger for us personally. I purchased many games last year and didnt really like much of what was on the 360 baring braid.... You see we can all talk breeze but the point and the fundamental reason i questioned what you typed was the 'swaggier'. If you're talking about stuff to you personally then ill shut up now cause again thats a bit of a 'shift' and totally pointless. If you want numbers then you already have them. The ps3 had more games, more games of a higher standard throughout the year (2008), Equal sales to the 360, More games coming out (i personally care and so does n4g) which all equals = 360 not 'swaggier'

so again, what are you bringing to the topic other than your personal opinion. What are these numbers you speak of in terms of games units sold or graphics. I mean u can add innovation if you want. The only real thing the ps3 was not swaggier on was..... you guessed it..... the failure rate which the pr guys over at MS said was non existence. The 2008 slant was problem solved

again stand by your words and throw up some numbers for us

JokesOnYou3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

You have a fundamental lack of understanding the difference between what a FACT is and what is a OPINION, which is why I find your conclusions flawed. Lets run a Fact test:

"The 360 was being outsold for most of the year."

"It was the most recent price drop that made some units cheaper than the wii thus levelling it up with the ps3's units as you know."
...err False, actually I'd be a fool to state the price cut had nothing to do with it, common sense says it was likely the biggest factor, however there are many variables that may also be apart of that maybe those major exclusive games you mentioned ps3 folks didn't have to wait for to until the end of the year, its likely those end of the year games were part of the reason the sales tip in micro's favor, afterall its all about the games right? in fact as you admit ps3 outsold 360 for *MOST of the year prior to the price drop by micro, which at the same time means before the price drop 360 did outsell the ps3 at least on a few occasions...that in and of itself says that there was a possibility that the same could happen again with the right games even without a price drop, especially since 360 has outsold ps3 every holiday season so far(when most people buy games/consoles)....there are other variables also but the point is YOUR CONCLUSION is flawed since the price drop cannot be said with certainty that it was the ONLY reason 360 outsold ps3.

"Marketing and PR, yeah sony really do the mountain dew thing dont they"
....OK so who's fault is that, micro's better at promoting/advertising than sony, we both agree, however I'd say sony's better at "PR promising" tactic, imo rarely do they deliver but hey tit for tat we could argue all day about who's worse= more opinion no outcome will be a FACT.

"Games. The ps3 had more (hate the term and all it stands for) but AAA titles."
....Says who? Gamers? I thought more Gamers purchased 360 games. Oh thats right sales don't count. So I guess metacritic avg is what counts, and partly I agree unlike most sony folks who say media is biased and reviews are worthless when a site doesn't give the score they expect, at any rate I do think metacritic is a great tool for getting a general idea of how good a game is but as usual its not the end all be all measuring stick, in the end like with every other product in life its value or quality is measured by the consumer, last month NPD results imply that MORE Gamers saw MORE value/quality in 360 games and hardware compared to ps3. Next month and for the entire year this could change like last yr when the ps3 outsold 360 "most" of the year, that meant at that time more Gamers saw more value in the ps3. I suspect that the sales will rise and fall for both over the entire life cycle, in the end Sales or Meta avg's aren't going to change either of our minds, but unlike Meta scores, Sales results are hard evidence of how many people want game "A" vs game "B"= value/quality. I still think the 360 has better games, you think the ps3 has better games....the result is that yet again your conclusion of stating ps3 had more "AAA" games is= your opinion based on one scale= NOT a FACT.

So as you can see theres a pattern GTp comments= Opinion

"You see we can all talk breeze but the point and the fundamental reason i questioned what you typed was the 'swaggier'. If you're talking about stuff to you personally then ill shut up now cause again thats a bit of a 'shift' and totally pointless."
....yes pointless to you since you disagree and if you read my original post, I think its clear that the FACTS I gave in my first post are just supporting MY opinion the 360 is "swaggier", unlike you I'm not claiming my conclusion to be a FACT, I simply provided my viewpoint and some FACTual data that supports my thinking. The individual reader, including you can decide if I'm full of BS or whether theres some merit to my statements. So its not a "shift", my original post is not outlandish in anyway, I simply did what the comments section is meant for, I gave a reasonable but different viewpoint of the competition between 360 and ps3.

Talk in circles all you like we both know the real problem you have with my comments is that you know I favor 360, not at all afraid to admit it, so I'm not threatened that you wish to "point" it out on n4g as if I ever tried to hide it, I own both but don't give a damm what label I get for NOT worshiping the ps logo and thats what's *really bothering you.


Why o why3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

i feel like the evil callico's cat in bolt sitting on top of the bolts trailer.. anywho

I respect MANY 360 only guys on here bro even ones who come here just to take the piss out of the over-sensitive ps fans amongst us. You can love what you want dude, im no sony clergy so dont be so melodramatic. I never used to give you ANY time when you used to act like a douche(you remember when) until you lightened up and started putting posts that make sense and didnt stink of f'boyism they just showed your preference and im kool with that so that whole block you dedicated to that fails so miserably . I know the overwhelming hype, hope and belief in the ps brand pisses you off sometimes. You label me a worshipper and somehow the fact you own both consoles seems to make ya think the old you doesn't exist anymore like your bruce B and you've rid yourself of that green monster within.

You must have the word FACT in you essay about fifty times. Hear this. My reason for my post was your 'swaggier' part. I never said you were making a factual statements I just offered up my version of 'swaggier' with a smile on my face. I said more games, equal sales and better graphics shown, you said. ........ a lot but didnt really answer much NOT EVEN A LIST of these so called 'games', 'sales'. You touched on attach rate. I was waiting for that. Please at least list some world numbers not just NA or numbers from PP because i remember some large companies saying they were making money of us worshipers....must of been all those action figures ¬_¬. I never said the 360 was lacking in swagger i just said that the ps had MORE. In one of your t-walls you said the reason the ps3 was doing x at time x was because of the games etc.........ha ha , no sh!T Mr Holmes. Case in point. Overall I feel games helped sales on the ps's front and price point helped sales on the 360'simple

...wheres the 'swaggier' again????

Another 360 defector guy doesn't help my life one bit. Hope you enjoy your consoles man. Good evening to you and add me to your list, you already have my psname so lighten up if you're not 'frightened'

JokesOnYou3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

I say what's on my mind, when I joined this site I felt as I do now that its overwhelmingly populated with one sided pro sony members who constantly bash the competition, mostly UNjustified.....My comments have always been light-hearted counter arguements to the belief that only sony is worthy of support; and why shouldn't I state my disagreement with that notion when clearly I don't believe its you could say its all in my head and n4g is balanced but again my perception is that its NOT; so when something stinks I say so and most of the time I'm just throwing out my opinion just like anybody else, the ONLY difference/change is HOW I decide to state my opinions now.

I've always perferred balance, just sometimes you're right, I just love taking a piss on fanboys. Sure it goes both ways...but theres a definite desparity and lack of fairness in favor of sony so as a pro-360 fan, I respond accordingly. Believe it or not I hate even labeling myself one way or the other but at the same time I don't want to be accused of "acting neutral", I like both consoles but I don't know how else to make you understand that I prefer the 360 just because for me personally I enjoy the games and gaming community MORE. Also despite what you think the overwhelming hype for the ps3 is not what bothers me, its alot simpler. Now mostly I just read the news ps3 or 360 related that interest me and I don't mind anybody's choice but when I read a thread full of sony fans making what I consider baseless comments, I usually respond. Thats go and look at my first #1.6 comment, yep you guessed it, its a response to #1.5 ridiculous post, maybe I should've laughed at his ignorance and moved on but I chose to respond, it is what it is but tell me with a straight face his comment was even close to balance, yet you chose to respond to what I think was a legit rebuttal, hell even without the context of my original post being a response to his, its perfectly valid on its own but in context it certainly a legit response if I'm going to take the time to do so.

So to sum things up, Nothings changed about me except my approach, I used FACT alot in the above post to illustrate the things you labeled as Facts in your post were NOT facts. Thats all. No need to list anymore numbers, I already listed those that are valid to the point of my original post. Don't know what you meant by "you said the reason the ps3 was doing x at time x was because of the games", but for the record I was refering to 360 outselling ps3 over holidays and lately *partially due to recent games. Yes I consider you a ps logo worshiper, and I'm sure you consider me worst...true or not at least we know where we stand.

Oh it looks as if you will have the last word, Congratulations on your bubble achievement, btw as an example of n4g's grand wisdom, who do you think generally benefits from the bubble system on n4g....hint: Meus is an exception, not the rule.


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meepmoopmeep3554d ago

this article is LAME.
Sony is the next Dreamcast!

oh noez!


arika3554d ago

and all multiplatform games are graphically 0.000001 pixel better on xbox. lolz! nyahaha!

omodis4203554d ago

What does this have to do with the Dreamcast?

fishd3554d ago

I want to see this,damit:

Darren Waters:

"So what else was I shown? Well, I was shown a trailer for a game not due out till 2009 but was sworn to absolute secrecy. Apparently, Sony just wanted to give a glimpse of what the console will be capable of.

In fact, the game is such a secret that when I mentioned the game to Phil Harrison last week he was unsure at first whether even to admit the title existed. When I explained I had been shown it under strict Non Disclosure Agreement terms he looked relieved.

I don't mean to be a tease - all I can say is that I was left speechless. If the footage I was shown truly is "in game", as told to me by the Sony PR people, then we could be on the brink of a step change in what games consoles are capable of in terms of story-telling and immersion."

arika3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

sony never lost their swagger they just added the best perfume and wardrobe in the market and now they are the complete package.

just take a look at what they have to offer:

best quality(of course its a sony)

best bluray player

best downloadable contents(from original games like flower and wipeout to movies etc.)

best games(killzone2, gow3, uncharted 1,2, mgs4, lbp)

best free internet service.

just to name a few.

Danja3554d ago

I swear some ppl on N4G has no sense of humor...they couldn't pick up on the sarcasm...

RememberThe3573554d ago

I was thinking the same thing.

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Parapraxis3554d ago

Personally, I never thought Sony lost it.
Their games have been great from the get-go this gen. Yes, they were somewhat sparce at first, but we all knew that would change sooner than later.
Floodgates are opening now it seems, my wallet is getting lighter every month.

spunnups3554d ago

I never lost faith in sony. I have been with the playstation since the first one and never looked at another console the same way. It has all the games I want and keeps them coming one after another.