360 Challenges the PS3's Cell Processor Power with Alan Wake

Alan Wake seems to be in its mid stages of development if it is to be released this year, but we still haven't seen much about the game. The few bits that we've seen on the game have been amazing and leaving us craving for more. If Microsoft can deliver this game with its pre-rendered visuals as real-time, then it will certainly blow Killzone 2 out of the water. All we can do now is wait for its release, or hopefully we have a demo treatment from Microsoft.

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HighDefinition3582d ago

Alan NEEDS to WAKE UP, before those claims get made.

GWAVE3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

My question is this: where's the proof? "Teh cell" has been proving itself since the days of Resistance, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, and so forth. Alan Wake is little more than a tech demo right now, and it's optimized to run on PC, anyway. What a silly headline and even sillier article.

Slam "disagree" all you kids want, but instead of spending the time hitting disagree, why don't you spend the time linking some footage of the game running on the 360, or footage that's newer than 2006 for that matter?

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Aclay3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

LOL, from the little that has been shown of Alan Wake everything has been from the PC version. No one even knows how good the 360 version will even look.

Heavy Rain's screenshots look just as good as the Alan Wake PC screenshots. It's more like "PS3's Cell Processor Power Challenges PC version of Alan Wake."

Until Remedy actually attends a Game Convention and shows off the 360 version of Alan Wake or until they reveal more info for the 360 version, not much can be said about the 360 "challenging the PS3's power" unless there's more proof.

JokesOnYou3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

What proof is needed?...its his opinion. Many of his previous headlines didn't offer any "proof", just "heres what I *think based on this"= more opinions.

I said before that I don't agree with many of hiphopgamers assertions but he is entertaining, which is mostly why his "news" and headlines don't bother gotta take it with a grain of salt....even here he says the keyword "*IF -Microsoft can deliver this game with its pre-rendered visuals as real-time, then it will certainly blow Killzone 2 out of the water." -yeah why not? like I said games progress throughout a consoles life cycle, there will be better looking games on both consoles, already Gears has better texture then KZ2 and its been out longer, RE5 a multiplat easily holds it own, and early LP2 in-game vids rivals KZ2, except for particle effects imo, still think KZ2 has that edge but hey its still early 'n either way the graphics look superp so far for LP2.

Anyway why is this news reported as lame while so many other "flamebait" headlines from have been approved, worst by many of the same ones who comment positively on those other posts from the same source...lmfao, I just glad to get a good laugh today as we get yet more "proof" of how hypocritical MOST sony loyalists on n4g are. I bet some of you same ones who supported some of his previous posts are so mad right now you're seriously contemplating going on a "witchhunt" for hiphopgamer now. lmfao you guys are so fcking funny.

Lets assume sony loyalists are right, its impossible that anything on 360 will ever beat KZ2, the part I don't get is why not just state your disagreement with this news and move on, but NOW all of a sudden with his latest claim "he's gone too far" lmfao, talk about a bunch of brand lovers, it sounds like fear, almost as if you would cry if it happens, lolz you guys are a riot, so transparent, right now at work I'm trying not to laugh too loud so they can't hear me in the other offices. Keep it coming.


IdleLeeSiuLung3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

I don't know much about Alan Wake, but Gears of War 2 looked amazing to me. So did KZ2. At the end of the day, reality is that the differences is really minimal... and that game play prevails.

Just take a look at online stats, Halo 3 is still among the top 5 games played on Live over a year later. So is CoD 4!

Ask those people if they cared that Gears 2 is among the best looking game on 360... nope, they are playing Halo 3/CoD4.

drewdrakes3582d ago

After 30 minutes graphics dont matter to me. It could be cell shaded for all I care. Crackdown looked nice because of its partial cell shading.

Powertesties3582d ago

Did you know that the Cell CPU and the 360 CPU are equals power wise?

Oh yes, it is true according to the director of both CPU's at IBM.

Might be hard to stomach.

Sarcasm3582d ago

Pretty bold claims considering nobody's seen the 360 version. And not to mention the latest trailer has some average character animations even for a high end PC.

Anybody want to see some super insane fluid life-like animations? See Exhibit "God of War III"

WhittO3582d ago

Maybe, but the PS3 has 7 SPU's aswell as the main CPU, the 360, doesnt.

Lifendz3582d ago

Heavy Rain has been displayed at length and we still have nothing on Alan Wake other than hopes and speculation.

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Jinxstar3582d ago

@ Drewdrakes

High Rez Crackdown Screens


looks ok. Now look at these

Big difference imo... Thats what you get when you go PS3 exclusive openworld game...

kevoncox3582d ago

There is nothing I have seen of Alan Wake that tells me it's an amazing game. It doesn't even look that good. Why is everyone so hyped about this game? Its all potential!

Moving on. Most of the PS3 "graphical power" stem from the ability of Sony's developers. They are very talanted and very stylized. Give the 360 same developers and they will make the 360 dance in ways you have never seen. Unfortunatly, we will never know because all the amazing games are PS3 exclusive...

However, i find it not coicendence that a game like FF13 was once thought unattainable on the 360 and now it's multiplat it's seen as no big deal. I honestly, believe that the 360 can do a game like Killzone but they will have to reprogram. Developers are the driving forces in the industry this gen, not the machines themselves.

Rapture3333582d ago

Watching this demo I thought it was beautiful, I was surprised to see it wasn't on the PC! Until of course, I came here and learned it was. That's a sale!

marinelife93582d ago

Hip Hop must have forgotten that was PC footage.

GiantEnemyCrab3582d ago

Jinxster: Did you just compare a 2.5 year old game to a game that isn't even out yet?

Crackdown was a top notch game to many and one of the most fun sandbox games this gen. When I look at Infamous I see a Crackdown clone with lightening. I don't know much about the game itself so I base this just off gameplay videos.

mpmaley3582d ago

EXACTLY @ PC Version.

I don't think we've actually seen non PC pics.

Xi3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

IMO crackdown looks as good.


not to mention, you're comparing a 2.5 year old game with one that isn't even released yet.

GameGambits3582d ago

Alan Wake from what we have seen and told about it, which isn't much, like. It's going to take an elaborate amount of new details, in game footage, a demo on marketplace, and an unprecidented amount of marketing to make me think differently.

I'm all for games surprising me to turn out great when I thought it would be nothing great, but it generally takes a demo at the LEAST for that encouragement to occur. Perfect example is Tom Clancy's HAWX.

xwabbit3582d ago

Powertesties how can having 2 CPU's be the same as having 7 ?

Diugu3582d ago

Its weird to say things like those when you know nothing about the game.

Hard to understand the way these lunatics think hehehe

Xi3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

it's 3 cpus each with 2 cores (6cores total) which are hyperthreaded.

compared to 9 spe's (cores) with 1 dedicated to os functions and 2 dedicated to overflow.

however, most graphics functions are done by the gpu.

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40cal3582d ago

Show and prove time ladies and gentlemen.

Spydiggity3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

lets go into a ps3 article and see how many 360 fanboys there are trolling their forums?

but here...there's at least twice as many sony fanboys as 360 owners. it's like you guys brag about and over-hype every upcoming sony game that at this point you should have dozens of great games you could be playing, and yet you still have nothing better to do than troll forums on games that have nothing to do with you.
you're so afraid all that boasting you did about killzone might get challenged by a 360 game that you have to storm the forums in droves to collectively stop the spread of pro 360 information with your anti-ms, pro-sony propaganda.

you people say the dumbest most unfounded stuff too like Lifendz, for example, who said "1.11 - Amazing
Heavy Rain has been displayed at length and we still have nothing on Alan Wake other than hopes and speculation. "
that's not true at all. we've seen an in game technical demonstration of alan wake in real time. we haven't got that from heavy rain. we've seen are a couple VERY scripted, VERY motioned capped sequences with button prompt gameplay. amazing

edit: OH, this is a hiphopgamer article. no wonder so many ps3 fanboys are trolling around. and why on earth does every article from hhg have to have such a ridiculous headline? all he wants to do is initiate controversy. how can anyone respect him as a game journalist?

vdesai3582d ago

I bet you don't game on PC if you did then you would not have made such a dire mistake. "3 CPU each with 2 cores" No its a Xenon with one CPU that is 3 cores. Each core can handle two hardware threads which is NOT the same as 6 cores or processors. The single PPE in the PS3 is also single threaded while the seven SPEs are single threaded giving developers the freedom to work with up to 8 threads.

Agent VX3582d ago

This video just goes to show how much further advanced a pimped out PC totally outclasses the PS3 and 360. Alan Wake makes Gear 2 and Killzone 2 look like last generation games.

The PS3 and 360 can't come close to running games from a Quad Cores PC running Crossfire or SLI. Anybody that says either Gears 2 or Killzone 2 comes close to looking as good as Alan Wake on a PC is just completely lieing and being a silly fanboy.

But graphics aside, I have seen such little from this game and still don't have a clue what this game is really about. But dang, it looks fantastic.

RonRico3582d ago

I'm glad u brought up Heavenly Sword. I just beat that last night. Although it is kind of short, what an awesome game. And the graphics are sweet! Amazing for a close-to-launch title.

pain777pas3582d ago

I'd like to see the proof of this. I have a feeling this is BS but I hope its true.

incogneato3582d ago

so true. what a stupid sensational headline without even an ounce of evidence to back it up

ARBitrator3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Edit: Nevermind

BiG_LU3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

This guy must be on drugs cuz to this game surpass Killzone 2 lol, give me a brake and for those that think I'm a fan, I don't think so, I love games and that's why I have both system but u r welcome to send me a friend request in the 360.
I said that cuz this is my opinion, don't want to get problem from fanboys but I don't see the good thing about this game, it might be a good game but graphically for me is ight but nothing out of the line, so just wait and enjoy ur game and that's about it.

freddukes3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Okay... A CPU generally acquries info from both northbridge and southbridge and "calculates" the queries and sends back the results... In lamest terms, it does a bit of rendering, but the GPU does most of the rendering... Comparing a pre-rendered video to a video which renders on the fly in terms of CPU power is similar to comparing a DVD against a Game in terms of CPU power... If he's asking this, then he should be asking "Look at the quality of [insert optical disk drive here], they're FAR better than rendered images from games". It's basically the same thing...

AnttiApina3582d ago

Killzone 2 = narrow shooter
Heavy Rain = a little bit open world game
Alan Wake = SANBOX GAME!

See the difference? We can't compare these graphics!

Oh and I am waiting to see some footage soon. After all, they stated that 360 version is looking really good.

WhittO3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

First of all, stop hyping Alan Wake!!

You dont even know what the 360 version will look like since everything they have showed has been running on high-end PC's !!

Why would they show the version that wont look as good as the game can, ofcourse they will demo the game on a PC.

Second, Infamous is a Sandbox game and look at them graphics!!

SL1M DADDY3582d ago

"who's e-penis is bigger" argument... Sorry, but who the flock cares? The Cell has been proven to generate great graphics when coupled with the GPU int he PS3. The 360 has had some good looking games but all of a sudden, Killzone 2 hits and now we hear 360 fanboys talk graphics when for the last year they have touted game play and the number of games they have in their library. Well, I have both systems and the PS3 is the prettiest, and the 360 has the highest quantity. So ask yourself, do you want quality? Or Quantity? Best of both worlds here.

godofthunder103581d ago

All these fanboys and i mean all are just a bunch of pathetic kids.The fact is that their still really isn't that much difference in the graphics now.I'll admitt that some ps3 games looks better but it's not 100 times better like ps3 fanboys act.They might have 1 or 2 more raindrop in the same scene or the light might be a lttle better and that's it.The ps3 fanboys act like the ps3 is 100 times better then the 360.It reminds me of some other comments they made that's false.

They claimed that sony is the only innovators,the other 2 can't come up with anything different so they have to copy off sony and it's just bullsh*t.

1st- The fact is that it was nintendo that started useing moition in controllers for a game system first.When sony seen how people liked it they threw out the controllers that was suppose to come with the ps3 and made it a moition one.

2nd- Sony coppied online gameplay,ability to download movies, download extra game content and other net use from microsoft.When the first 360 was released it had online play and microsoft said it was going to be a media said that people that buy a ps want a gameing system they don't want a media center.They said they focus on games not other contents like microsoft is and because of it they could make better games.Sony seen how people wanted it and they started doing it to.

3rd- When the ps3 was first released it didn't have rummble.When the ps3 finally came out they had some ps3 fanboys that wanted rummble.The first lie sony told the people was that rumble was last gen and they didn't wont to put it in a next gen system.The second lie sony told the people was that they couldn't put rummble with the moition controller because they didn't have any room left in the controller to put it.The truth was that sony and microsoft was both sued over useing rummble in their controllers because they didn't have permission to use it.They were sued and lost,they both had to pay millions to the company that invented rummble.They then had to come to an agreement with the company if they wanted to keep on useing rummble.The fact is that microsoft paid the company the millions that they were ordered to pay and also came to an agreement with the company to keep useing rummble.Sony on the other hand never paid the company the money they were ordered to at the time the ps3 came out.In other words sony didn't have permission to use rummble,that is the real reason that sony didn't put rummble in their controllers at first.The most stupid remark that i've heard any company claimed was from sony.When sony finally had permission to use rummble sony claimed they they were useing a new gen rummble not old gen and it was going to be a lot better then the rummble in the 360 and they were the same damn thing.Ps3 fanboys still claim that sony doesn't lie HA HA how pathetic they are to lie just to try and make the ps3 look like it's perfect.I can't stand it when ps3 fanboys claim that the reason people have a 360 is because they are too poor to buy a ps3 and if they could afford a ps3 they would buy one.I bought 2 360s for $400 a piece at launce.I'll admitt i had to send 1 back but i never had a problem with the other one.Just a few weeks ago i bough a 360 elite for $400.I could have bought a ps3 but i don't like them ,i like the 360.I'm not saying the ps3 isn't any good because it is.The fact is that just because a person have a ps3 and love it doesn't mean that it's the best one and the 360 is trash and vice versa.ONe person might like one system and hate the other but it doesn'r mean every one thinks the same like him.They have the same amount of people that think the 360 is better then the ps3 and vice versa.The best system is the one that have the games you like the most on it and that's a fact.If a person like GOW or fable and don't like MGS or LBP like me they wouldn't buy a ps3 they would buy a 360.If a person like R or mgs but hate fable and GOW they would buy a ps3 not a 360.The fact is that just because a person like a system and say that it's better,has better games isn't a fact it's just his opponion and vice versa.It depend on what a person like that's the best system not what some else say.

3rd and the most important one. I'm tired of hearing ps3 fanboys cry that microsoft can't think up a game on their own and that's why they steal or buy exclusives away from sony.Especialy when it comes to MGS.Every time they have a rumor that it might come to the 360(it wont)they all start crying and saying that microsoft is trying to steal or buy the ps3 biggest exclusives.Then they make the most stupid remark that i've ever heard from a ps3 or 360 fanboy.They claim that unlike microsoft sony never had to buy or steal exclusives from other systems because they come up with new games on their own.The fact is that sony stole or bought MGS,NINJA GAIDEN,and others ps3 exclusives away from nintendo.The fact is that these games and other games that ps3 fanboys claim are ps originals is a lie.Sony did the same thing to nintendo like microsoft is doing to sony now.When sony first came out nintendo was the top dog and sony went at every exclusive that nintendo had so they could get on top and it worked and this is a fact.Ps3 fanboys need to type in the history of these games i mentioned above and they will see that they were nintendo exclusive first then sony stole and bought them away from them.

I still remember when sony was demostarting the ps2 before it was released.Sony showed a prerendered game and said it was actual gameplay and was going to be released the same day as the ps2 was.When the ps2 was released the game didn't even come close to what sony showed us before.Finally the developer of the game made a statement and told people not to blame him because it was sony that told them the game was actual gameplay but it was prerended.

Unlike ps3 fanboys that's in love with their system i'm not a pathetic loser fanboy.I'm not claiming that the 360 is perfect and didn't have problems because it did,i will also admitt that the ps3 is the most dependable console every made and 360 fanboys wont.They both have positive and negative things about them and they both have good and bad games on them.I'll admitt that the ps3 have some exclusives i like unlike 360 fanboys I also know that ps3 fanboys want admitt they like any games on the 360 even if they do.

I'm just tired of hearing ps3 fanboys claiming that sony makes all their own games.I'm also tired of hearing ps3 fanboys crying and claiming that sony is a company that never lie.ps3 fanboys claiming that sony never bought or stole any of their games.Ps3 fanboys claiming that all ps3 exclusives are original ps games.Ps3 fanboys are so in love with sony and the ps3 that they claim that sony never did anything underhanded like microsoft does.The fact is that sony lied to us already.Ps3 fanboys keep saying that sony doesn't do buisness like microsoft,they claim that sony does buisness straight up.The fact is that if sony was ran liked they claimed they wouldn't be where they are right now,all the other companies would have destroyed them before they even got started.The fact is that big buisness is a dog eat dog world and they will do anything to stay on top.Their isn't 1 big company in the world that run their buisness honestly.Ps3 fanboys act like the ps3 is god,hell i think they would make love to it if they can

edgeofblade3581d ago

How is the tech demoy proof any different from Killzone 2 or ayny other PS3 game? I'm not going to be singing it's praises until I see something more concrete, that's for sure, but that ugly Sony-Microsoft double-standard is rearing it's head again.

olivia3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

lol lmao 3 plus years and the best the 360 as is gears 1 and 2 with way easier to develop for system
lmao ,funny how 2 days till killzone 2 goes world wide sh*t news like this pops up?

kewlkat0073577d ago

what is Infamous coming out?

Again devs are not created equal, why don't we have infamous devs or whatever game people choose as ammo develop a game on the competitors console.

Comparing games you'll never see on one or the other is useless..

Different devs have different skills and make different products with the hardware given to them.

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TOO PAWNED3582d ago

oh God can he for once not make lame, stupid, over the top title? I mean PLEASE! For ONCE!

Parapraxis3582d ago

This "article" is actually by HyDRo1X , a lot of stories from are posted by him.
That being said, he is following HHG's lead in using titles to sensationalize the story to garner more hits.
I dislike this concept.

ThatCanadianGuy3582d ago

"HHG" Is actually a very nice guy.I didn't mind when he did his little shows every sunday..Even tho he got most of his info from right here on N4G..

But now with all these pure flame-bait "articles" formed just to cater to the N4G community and fan the flames of hate even more,it's getting out of hand now.It needs to stop.

The irony is,he talks about other game journalists useing flame-bait stories to get hits to their site..while he does it worse then anyone i've ever seen..

Parapraxis3582d ago

ThatCanadianguy420 - "he talks about other game journalists useing flame-bait stories to get hits to their site..while he does it worse then anyone i've ever seen.. "

Hey, go look at some headlines from Analogue Hype. IMO the site that does it the most, they even bragged about using titles to get hits over at the Bitbag forums.

TheColbertinator3582d ago

Of course Alan Wake looks better than Killzone 2.Its on the PC and its a DX10 benchmark.Maybe they should show Alan Wake running on the 360 with some gameplay footage and real time weather effects.The most important aspect however is the gameplay.No point in graphics if the gameplay is average

BGDad3582d ago

Second DX10 is a joke... Years later you can still do basically the same thing on Dx9.

Third I remember all of you saying Killzone trailer wasnt possible but now every game can achieve this? WTF ever Alan Wake will be average at best and who the heck is buying it for the 360 anyhow which really makes this more of a PC vs Killzone 2 because i guarentee Killzone 2 will look better than the 360 version of Alan Wake but if not who cares, as Alan Wake is nothing more then a single player game so whats the point.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3581d ago

"360 Challenges the PS3's Cell Processor Power with Alan Wake"
"Sony Cell and 360 CPU are Equals"
;-D ;-D ;-D

Top 2 Article/Stories on this site!!! ;-D
Pathetic really, oh well they both made me Laugh out Loud!!! ;-D

olivia3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

lol lmao 3 plus years and the best the 360 as is gears 1 and 2 with way easier to develop for system
lmao.funny how just two days till killzone 2 gets release world wide sh*t news like this comes up?

Deadman643581d ago

is it really killzone week? I honestly wouldn't know. Haven't heard anything about it

borgome3581d ago

Don't you mean the articles made you R.O.R. (Raf out Roud)

kevinberger3581d ago

Let it go!!!! Does it really come down to graphics or cell power? How many people have a 47 inch 1080P TV to take advantage? It comes down to games, the PS2 had superior games and was the superior system. And as an owner of both a 360 and PS3, the 360 is currently superior.
Sorry but I play it more, and the majority of third party games play better (I like the controller, and for you graphics whores they are superior). I am a huge fan of Uncharted and am purchasing KZ2, which will kick ass, but Gears annilihates Resistance and Fable II is just plain awesome. So both systems are great, it is just that the 360 is better right now, and Alan Wake will be a great game

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paracardium3582d ago

I wonder how many discs this will take.

Parapraxis3582d ago

currently, zero. As it's vaporware.

MrWonderful3582d ago

they havent even shown the game running on 360 yet. its all been pc.

thor3582d ago

Yes very true.

I do wonder sometimes why the hype is so high for this game as a 360 game. Because the first trailer that was released, whilst impressive, was boasting about how they were "utilising all 4 cores or a quad-core processor" - it was running on a PC, in other words. And apart from the graphics, which we've only seen from the PC version, we know very little about gameplay and the only thing we're going on is "developer's track record".

Of course, it could end up looking really good on 360, but we have nothing on which to base those claims. Obviously, the PC version will support higher resolutions, better anti-aliasing, better character models and better textures. All with better framerates if your computer's good enough. So all of the screenshots thus far released will be from a maxed-out PC version of the game.