Takeuchi: Resident Evil 6 will reboot the franchise

Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has recently revealed, however, that the series is in store for franchise reboot. Resident Evil 5 seems as if it's practically guaranteed to be the last of its kind, and just as Resident Evil 4 reinvented the franchise, it seems Resident Evil 6 is slated to do the same.

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shadowfox3578d ago

I'm kinda neutral on this... on the one hand, I like how Resident Evil 4/5 play. But on the other, I also don't feel like they are traditional Resident Evil games. Hopefully Capcom branches out the series and have games with both types of gameplay.

GWAVE3578d ago

It kinda worries me when the developer is basically saying "Hey guys. RE5 is same old. It will be the NEXT game which pushes things forward". It doesn't help that I found the demo to be rather boring.

Maxned3578d ago

going in the FPS direction.

DominusRebellis3578d ago

I'm mixed on it too. I love RE, it's my favourite series but I will be honest: Co-op destroys what the original RE's have established, plain and simple! I want the old school back and I hope RE5 doesn't spawn another terrible movie...cough cough RE2 extinction cough cough...sigh

Sarcasm3578d ago

I beg the question, why didn't they just "reboot" the franchise with RE5? They had more than enough time.

Powertesties3578d ago

I hope this simply means that they will be going back to what started this franchise. ZOMBIES.

The series has gone on this weird human looking/acting crazies that split open and sprout weird limbs.

Go back to the zombies, go scary and no one will care if the controls are sh*t like they are now....ok, just don't make them any worse. haha

Flipgeneral3578d ago

Translation: you will be able to shoot while moving. We're still going to keep the same character animations though!!!

himdeel3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

...because RE5 isn't even out yet. I was definitely considering RE5 as a new purchase sometime this year but I'm leaning more towards a used copy now.

I kind of feel like they're just taking my money for RE5 if they are already saying they'll do more with number 6 :/ I'm confused...buying RE5 makes me an investor in RE6?

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gauntletpython3578d ago

Sounds scary... the Resident Evil 4 reboot worked because they had a masterful game designer in Shinji Mikami behind it. Don't get me wrong, Jun is a great game designer too, but I'm fearful as to what it could become.

Th3 Chr0nic3578d ago

ok hearing the dev talk about this even before RE5 has been released makes me think it would be a waste of time to even bother with part 5. good job jun now i can spend my money on something else...maybe a game that isnt getting the cold shoulder before it is even released.

gauntletpython3578d ago

I dunno about going THAT far. I feel like RE5 is still gonna be good on it's own merits, the co-op is great! I just think Capcom realized they need to keep the series fresh, and bring it back to it's roots. PLEASE BRING ZOMBIES BACK!

RememberThe3573578d ago

The games designer promotes his game, therefor it wont be good.

nycredude3578d ago

They should have rebooted this franchise for RE5! Or at least just update the controls if you are going to go the action game route!

interrergator3578d ago

i hope in resident evil 6 will be zombies i mean if wesker has the virus
then why not i mean i think its the last one kuz its comin to a close

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The story is too old to be commented.