NZGamer: MadWorld Preview

NZGamer writes: "Due out on the Wii at the end of March, MadWorld promises to take us on an unprecedented ride into digital carnage. You take the part of Jack, a chainsaw-wielding citizen of the futuristic Varrigan City. Varrigan City is under the control of The Organizers and the population is forced to compete in the deadly game of Death Watch. What The Organizers don't know is that Jack does Death Watch like Ritchie McCaw does turnovers at the breakdown. Having a chainsaw attached to your arm also helps. As Jack jogs his way through the stunning black and white cityscape, he uses his chainsaw, and anything else he can get his free hand on, to cut a swathe through a multitude of enemies, in a frenzied crusade to win Death Watch and bring down The Organizers."

The Good: Unashamedly violent.

The Bad: Blood, blood and more blood.

The Ugly: Face – meet chainsaw.

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