Retailer predicts video-game consoles will come down in price reports: "Makers of the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 video-game consoles may cut prices this year to prop up demand during the recession, GameStop Corp. Chief Executive Officer Daniel DeMatteo said. "We would expect some price cuts this year," DeMatteo said in a Feb. 19 interview. The CEO of the world's largest video-game retailer said his prediction is based on past practices, not information from the companies. "In this economic environment it's hard to sell a $400 item," he said."

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Rowland3582d ago

I bloody hope so ! bunch of money grabbing con merchants deserve to be strung up by the knackers and forced to eat peanut custard through their nostrils.

TOSgamer3582d ago

Sony should drop the PS3 to $350 or $329 and include a recent game and a movie or 2 older games and a movie.

MS should drop the Pro to $250 and the Elite to $300. Charging $400 for an elite is ridiculous. Its the same thing as a Pro except 60 more gigs and a different color.

Nintendo should drop the Wii to $229 or lower.

3582d ago