IGN: Cartoon Network Universe Wrap Report

Aged eight, Mac is a bright, creative boy. A bit on the shy side, perhaps from being bullied by his brother Terrence, he likes to hang out at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends where his best pal Bloo has quite the knack for getting both of them and others into trouble. Two years older, Ben Tennyson is a pretty typical kid who plays video games, rides around on his bike and sometimes gets into mischief.

Having discovered a device that lets him transform into 10 alien heroes, each with remarkable powers, he's still good-hearted despite the responsibilities he now bears. Trapped in the future by an evil shape-shifter who has thrust humanity into a realm of darkness, Samurai Jack, who trained diligently since his youth to become a mighty warrior, must battle the wizard while searching for a way home.

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