Vizio passes Sony for 2nd place in US flat panel TVs

LCD TV brand Vizio Inc overtook Sony (6758.T) during the fourth quarter to become the second-best selling flat panel TV brand in the United States after stepping up its marketing efforts, research firm iSuppli said.

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Zeus Lee3466d ago

Americans love cheap things,no surprise here.

Lord Anubis3466d ago

vizio is cheap but not the best technology in the world.

Why dis3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

No they don't like over priced things where the cost is far beyond performance.

Sony's TV's are too expensive and they under perform. Tv's that are cheaper or cost the same beat Sony's tv's in picture quality.

DJ3466d ago

But are priced pretty high.

Whitey2k3466d ago

or americans just dont like sony products lol americans japanese? cant they just get along

Whitey2k3466d ago

its the same thing with consoles americans will buy the 360 over the ps3 cos 360 is american same apply's for the japanese they will buy the Wii or the the ps3 cause its involving around there country