Blast Mag: Flower review

Like countless other entries in almost every conceivable video game genre, Flower charges its players with the daunting task of righting a world gone wrong. In its literal interpretation of that enterprise, however, Flower resembles a more exclusive group of games, including Okami, de Blob, and the most recent Prince of Persia. The world of Flower's ills are reflected in the diminished beauty of its natural landscapes; transform a patch of scorched earth back into fertile ground, and you've fixed whatever ails that particular portion of the map.

However, Flower takes a unique approach to this familiar undertaking, allowing players to unleash their inner Linka by harnessing the power of the wind. Though a casual glance at the screen (or the title) might yield the impression that the flowers themselves are under the player's control, it's really the zephyr that does your bidding-the flowers simply go along for the ride.

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