PlayStation LifeStyle - Noby Noby Boy Review

Noby Noby Boy isn't for everyone. The quirkiness and the sandbox style of the game, not everyone will understand and/or like. With that being said Noby Noby Boy really isn't that bad of a timewaster type of game. If you had a stressful day at school or work, just start Noby Noby Boy and play for 5 minutes and after seeing all of the wild and crazy results of the randomized maps in the game, it will calm you down. Once you have seen sumo wrestlers riding on the backs of pigs as if they were bull riders riding bulls, you will understand. That scenario is only one of the many many results that are available to witness.

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StalkingSilence3581d ago

This was a disappointment, and I really didn't have expectations high. It's ok, you win some you lose some. I really like Flower though!