Destructoid: Yakuza 3 Japanese Demo Hands On

Destructoid writes: "The demo lets you explore at your leisure, and gives you plenty of starting cash to eat, drink, and flirt to your heart's content. But there's not much else going on. The demo ends with surprise brawl with some mysterious English-speaking, Aviator-sunglasses-wearing foreigners backing you into a corner. In this case you do what you always do: grab a bicycle and beat the shit out of them".

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himdeel3553d ago

...I have to say the it's makes me wonder what Shenmue could've been on the next gen consoles. All in all it's a lot of fun playing the game and the combat is satisfying. I'd definitely like the chance to play this in English.

The dating mini-game is difficult to enjoy because I cannot read Japanese. Likewise when you're learning moves via the quick time game it's pretty funny watching the main character peck away on his camera phone.

The only thing that I don't like is that the second boss near the end of the demo was kicking my butt and I had to continue a few times.