Is Sony's PS3 the new Sega Dreamcast?

Ravi Sinha writes: "So many features of the PS3 resonate with how Sega was handling the Dreamcast in its heyday. Several exceptions exist, but they're only so different in their timing, preparedness and resources. Both launched with a bevy of titles, but it was the Dreamcast that could be said to have gained more recognition in the exclusives with Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur, whereas the PS3 was acclaimed foremost for Resistance: Fall of Man. Both followed their launch repertoires with high-ranking games - but while the Dreamcast leaned more towards fighting games and RPGs (Virtua Fighter III, Dead or Alive 2, Phantasy Star Online, Tech Romancer and Skies of Arcadia), the PS3 featured more variety (MGS4, LittleBigPlanet, Warhawk, Ratchet and Clank Future, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Killzone 2) with the single unifying theme being their large budgets. And needless to say, Sony and Sega both have had mixed success with accessories.

"However, in many ways, Sony has become the Sega we used to love."

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Gue13581d ago

The Dreamcast didn't last this long...

3581d ago
MaximusPrime3581d ago

lemme guess. the submitter is a "trainee"

Nike3581d ago

"However, in many ways, Sony has become the Sega we used to love."

Doesn't sound like something an anti-PS3 writer would write.

Genesis53581d ago

But we just had this story like 2 or 3 weeks ago.

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JokesOnYou3581d ago

all they read is the headlines


JOLLY13581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

That was awesome. I really liked that history. That was super cool. Even page 2, where it showed the differences.

Genesis53581d ago

That is because I will not give these sites that use flaming headlines a hit because that is all they are looking for.

SupaPlaya3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

that writers need to resort to such flamebait title to garner hits. And I am referring to the title, not the content.

I will not be giving any site that use these tactics hits at all.

meepmoopmeep3581d ago

that's right Feline

i'm a renowned Xsnot


JOLLY13581d ago

You did agree with me once, that has to mean something? At least it looks like you read the article. The guys seems to be pro-ps3. I guess some people are fragile these days and can't deal with the pressure.

meepmoopmeep3581d ago

no, i have no bias when it comes to approving or reporting stories
wish i could say the same to the majority of people on here.

i go by the guidelines. that is all.

ape0073581d ago

sales are very very good

it's the most expensive

media bash it all the time

sony ads is nothing like ms

and still it sells

price cut

killzone 2


sales will boom :)

slayorofgods3581d ago

I don't see why people are upset that there are similarities between the dreamcast and ps3 and even the 360. The writer of this article looks mostly at the innovation of Sega (making a system that is internet compatible)and compares that to sony's innovation to making the psn free and successful.
I agree that the dreamcast did have some good ideas such as the emulator compatibilities but were dragged down by their lack of funding.

IzKyD13313581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

the mart, N4PS3G and bloodmask approved this lol

GameGambits3581d ago

Ahh, another day and yet another flame X console as dying "news" article. Hey game "journalists/news givers," it's okay to take a day off if there is nothing to talk about in the world of videogames. You aren't obligated to make flamed up idiotic drabble like this to produce hits.

Let's discuss a console being dead when it is. When we can all come to that same agreement and it is a fact. Till then you can oh I don't know, LEARN TO DO YOUR JOB!

hay3581d ago

Good. It's actually a nice read. I would you suggest to turn on your f*ckin; brains for 2 minutes and pass through the article. It's an opinion, but It's something I think too.

PS3 has a some of the Dreamcast awesomeness in it. Give me Shenmue 3, Powerstone 3, Ecco, and Skies of Arcadia 2 and I can die happy.
* Imagines current gen Ecco game and sheds a tear how incredible it could be *

DelbertGrady3580d ago

This is miles better than anything that has ever come out of HipHopGamers site.

Biphter3580d ago

Strange article, its praising Sony, why not read "Is Sony the new Sega we loved in its heyday?" Associating PS3 to Dreamcast instantly says "Fail", it shouldn't because the DC was amazing, but thats how it comes across.

Why does there HAVE to be another "Dreamcast" anyway? First it was Xbox 360 is the new Dreamcast back when it launched (i.e. it will fail)... and now its PS3.. Why? Because people like to think that Sega's mistakes will happen again? Not likely, at least not this generation. It will take multiple blunders over another generation or two by either Microsoft or Sony to end up like Sega. I remember when people thought Nintendo were next to go and look what happened there. History doesn't necessarily repeat itself.

If anything I see direct relation to the SNES for PS3, with the Xbox 360 being the Megadrive. I was in my prime time as a gamer back then and this generation these two machines are reminding me very much of the heated battles of the early 90's. Both are thriving and both are in close healthy competition.

The Dreamcast was an amazing machine (my favourite ever) thats how it should be remembered. Not as something to measure epic failure or that killed a companys hardware division, it didn't, Sega did that to themselves.

N4g_null3580d ago

This is hilarious!

Yet the PS3 is no dreamcast. The funny thing is the dreamcast had all hardcore games... I mean true hardcore games and that was their down fall, nothing for the PS2 loving crowds.

This was in sega hey day also. This console really did get a lot right but gaming had already changed and arcades where dying. You see Sega was one of the arcade kings and that success made them very powerful in the high end market. Every one knows there is only 10-30% of gamers in the high end market. The sales show this, every one else is in the mid to low end, example the Wii and the PS2.

Sega learned that die hard fans do not equal sale units just die hard fans. Sony is learning this now as did nintendo when the GC got curb stomped. Yet SONY is the weakest software producer in front of MS for games right now, because they simply do not understand what every one likes and continue to only cater to the tech gamers or people who should move on to PC gaming.

SONY may have more developers yet that means nothing if more people are not buying games. The same problem that sega faced along with console sales that just plain stopped. Will that happen with the PS3 no one knows, yet it much more likly to happen as every one gets laid off.

Beast_Master3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Sorry to burst your bubble on a few things: First last Gen Nintendo did not reley on the hardcore. Yes they put out Eternal Darkness and a couple of Resident Evil games but they also put out more of their core franchises like Mario and Zelda, they more or less tried to appeal to everyone but they found that strategy would not work. Second the PS2's casual audience was not part of the original adopters like the Wii, PS2 appealed more to casuals because of its ability to play DVDs not for its library, let us not forget the PS2 had GTA3, Metal Gear 2, Soul Reaver 2 FF X etc, all of which are way more hardcore than the Dreamcast.

And the downfall of the Dreamcast was due to more than just the release of the PS2. They lost the support of 3rd party publishers like EA (because of the 2k franchise) and Midway. Microsoft was supposed to help Sega launch the online console gaming revolution but instead abandoned Sega to create the Xbox. In 18 months they sold 10 million consoles world wide and had lost all 3rd party support and Online capabilities, and had to close much of its internal development studios.

Compare that to the PS3, and no 3rd parties have abandoned the system. They sold 20+ million consoles worldwide in 18 months. They have more internal development studios than the competition combined,

I don't think Sony is in as bad a shape as you think. Consider this at the current rate they are going, even if they don't cut price they will have and install base of 30 million by Dec. 09, that is 3X more than the Dreamcast, 6Million more than the Original X box and 4 million away from the financially sucessful N64.

N4g_null3580d ago


Notice I said die hard meaning the people who love certain games even if it is mario party. I've never owned one but lots of people loved that game and got a GC for it.

Second you proved you first statment wrong by saying
"Second the PS2's casual audience was not part of the original adopters like the Wii"
Then you move on to say-
"PS2 appealed more to casuals because of its ability to play DVDs not for its library" Now if you replace Blu ray or HD graphics you would have SONY's current state.

I did not forget those games you listed yet I'd rather play the first soul calibur along with some of the other shooters on the dreamcast... yes the dreamcast did have lots of shooter which are way more hardcore than what you listed.

You are right the dreamcast officially die because big pubs pulled out and sega did not help any by claiming they would be fine.

Hey maybe SONY is fine but they seem to be in more danger of being a dreamcast due to their weak 1st party games and limited appeal. No game in their line up so far has been a system selling game. This is the main problem the dreamcast faced.

It's really weird how you guys see the xbox struggling and think that this will not happen to the PS3. The sales will taper off, it is a high end machine. They always have limited sales.

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Graphics Whore3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Lol Bloodmask.

In some ways I agree, they both have great games. Is the PS3 on the track to low sales and failure? No, it's backed by a multi-billion dollar company that makes more revenue then Microsoft, it's not going anywhere.

You didn't even need to mod a dreamcast in order to play burnt games, that was a pretty big problem in its day.

All in all, this is a pretty garbage article though.

Nike3581d ago

"It’s not a comparison in sales. It’s only comparing how Sony is doing many of the things Sega did right, while staying away from what they did wrong, like giving up when the going got tough."

Beg For Mercy3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

this spam get approved and make the front page is beyond me.

Brodiesan3581d ago

Then you should have accurately titled your submission. Its current wording suggests yet another:

"Top X reasons why the PS3/Wii/360 is Doomed/A failure/crap."

I don't even read these articles anymore. Not because they are or are not poorly written but because any games journalist worth his salt would never write such obvious flamebait.

If you have valid arguments to make as you say you do then maybe create a submission like:

"The PS3 - doing what SEGA did best. And staying clear of what they did not."

Trust me: you'll actually get more hits that way as I (and many others who ignore the same hodge-podge regurgitation) would definitely read an article with that headline.

I freely admit that I never read the "Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo have lost the war - and here's why" nonsense.