StreetFighter for dummies

PS3clan wrote down all the basic moves and all the special moves for StreetFighter in this nice article.

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UnwanteDreamz3552d ago

I'm just asking because I noticed it has an in game move list for each character but I have not looked through all of them.

Satanas3552d ago

The in-game list is complete but what you must note is that it will not list advanced combos (unlike many non-technical fighters with easier combos). To learn combos, the game has a Trial Mode NORMAL and HARD for each character in Challenge Mode where you can learn some of the more intense combos. You'll find them easier with an arcade stick controller but even without my Hori I managed to pull off some of Cammy's with the DualShock. They're hard, though. I saw a video of a Japanese player pulling them off easily and I was filled with envy.

3552d ago