GamingTrend Review: Rock Band 2

GamingTrend writes: "We are not true rockers. If we were true rockers we'd be on the road with calloused hands and vocal chords. We'd be strung out by greedy managers trying to squeeze the life out of us before the public realizes what a dupe they've been. We know exactly how much a gallon of gas costs in 7 states at any given time. We'd know groupies and aches like no other civillian should dare to find out. We are not true rockers.

However, we can sure as hell give it a try -- in the privacy of our homes -- amongst friends that didn't pay a cover charge to get in the door or arm themselves with bottles or rotted fruits. Rock Band 2 gives us better equipment, more songs, and more options than ever before and it is glorious! Even better if you can swing a couple groupies, eh?"

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