GamingTrend Review: Locoroco 2

GamingTrend writes: "There is a subset of games that are best described as 100% pure, unadulterated Japanese quirkiness. Games like Katamari Damacy, Patapon, Rez, Pikmin, etc. are games that fall well outside the box of standard genre classification, are supremely creative, are completely bizarre, and are generally very well-received in the gaming press. Unfortunately, most of these games fall completely flat with me. There's something about them that I just don't "get", and while I can appreciate the tremendous amount of creative energy that went into them, they never seem to hold my attention for long.

Enter Loco Roco 2. Having skipped the original game in the series, I was caught a bit unprepared for LocoRoco 2's particular brand of insanity. When I fired up my PSP I was hoping for the best, but expecting this to be an incredibly painful review. Would it succeed where the others had failed, or would I toss it on the heap with the others and walk away with the baffled look that so often accompanies these type of games? Here goes nothing…"

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