GDC 07: Lost Odyssey 2007 worldwide launch

Hironobu Sakaguchi announced today that Lost Odyssey will launch simultaneously worldwide this holiday. That's right, a game that most of us weren't expecting until 2008 will be spinning in our Xboxen before Christmas.

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FirstknighT4277d ago

No Cgi tricks here...just pure real gameplay!

eques judicii4276d ago

ahhh... trade shows... making me crave games!

is it just me or is this GDC being dominated by 360 so far?

PS360WII4276d ago

FirstknighT your silly. Remember that Marketplace video of this game? You know the one with all the CGI?

Heh couldn't resist. Anyways, I'm really happy with this news! Before christmas I'll be enjoying another RPG for the 360. Which is good becuase Enchanted Arms is getting a bit old and xbox really needs another rpg.

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