Gamertell Preview: The Path for PC

From the preview, "The game begins in a red room filled with six red girls. These are the six sisters, Robin, Rose, Ginger, Ruby, Carmen and Scarlet. Here is where the stage is set - you pick one girl to make a delivery to a sick grandmother who lives in the woods outside of the city. Each girl has her own adventures ahead, her own personality and her own ability. Once you've chosen a girl, you must follow her tale through to the end. As you wait and decide, each character busies herself with some sort of activity, until she is chosen.

I chose to walk in Carmen's shoes for the purposes of the preview.

It's couldn't help feeling unsettled as The Path began. Everything looked normal enough. The environment along the path, where your chosen sister begins and takes her first steps, looks serene. It's almost peaceful. In fact, the area and trip walking along the path seemed somewhat relaxing. But, the surrounding forest seemed too dark, too thick.

As Carmen followed the end of the paved road out of the city until it reached the dirt forest path, the assignment appeared at the top of the screen - reach Grandmother's House. In foreboding, yellow script directly below, one line of instructions appeared - 'Stay on the Path…'"

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Parappa The Rappa3521d ago

you know? i might just have to try this game.