Honest Gamers: The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga Review

Honest Gamers writes: "While I absolutely love the challenge mode, and find that the games included are quite good, are emulated well, and are done justice in this compilation as long as you have a controller that can adequately play them, the overall product is one that is probably best played by series die-hards. The kind of players who know they absolutely want to have a handful of the series' entries playable at any time. Casual fans of the series or those who have never played it before would probably be better off getting SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1, which includes KoF '94 and a slew of other games from other genres and series as well. That's probably a better starting point for this series for most people, and if you find that you like what you see there, get this down the line to enjoy more of the series".

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