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Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner, writes:

Arguably the PS3 has taken more crap this generation than any other console. Complaints of various shapes and sizes, criticisms by those who use the system and those that simply want to make their own console look better have been coming up since the big black monolith came out.

Some of these have been at least a little legitimate; lack of solid exclusives, cutting the backwards compatibility, working too hard on the home entertainment center, blah, blah, blah. Yet there is one that keeps coming up. One that keeps coming up. For the life of me, I don't understand how people could consider this a legitimate criticism.

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La Chance3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

not a big problem but then why ps3 gamers act like getting up to change a disc every 10 hours is a huge inconvenience.

I mean what do you do when you want to change games on your ps3 ???

Yeah I read the article :And I think Its more inconvenient to wait 10 minutes rather than taking 10 seconds to swap a disc every 10 hours cuz PS3 or 360 you WILL get up to change games.

What i mean is its no big problem.

Pennywise3582d ago

Did you read the article? He is talking about game installs.

Changing discs is an inconvenience. Its not being lazy, but if I had a choice of which version... multi-disc or single disc, I would take single. Just like on PC games when they would release a CD version and a DVD version. I would opt for the DVD.

IdleLeeSiuLung3581d ago

You know getting up and changing the disc is minor inconvenience. Forced to wait 15-20 minutes is not, it is a hindrance. By the time I install the game, I do not feel like playing it anymore.

What happened to optional installs? That is a perfect middle ground between the two, slow load times if you don't care and fast if you are willing to sacrifice a little reclaimable drive space. That is why I like the 360 installs. They are NOT required!

Given the choice of slower load time though or faster with a forced install, I would probably prefer the install....

HighDefinition3581d ago

Do realize how unbelievably DUMB that sounds.

Pennywise3581d ago

Idlelee, I guess you have never sat through a 45min-1hr install on a PC?

Most PS3 games have optional installs. But no install will ever make me not want to play the game by the time it is done. I usually like to read the manual to see if there is anything I need to know about. What better time to do so than installation time?

GarandShooter3581d ago

IdleLee, you must have the most piss poor time management ever imagined. Everyone (well almost), showers, shaves, eats, sh!ts, etc. If it bothered me that much, I'd load a new game and let it install whist I perform one of the aforementioned activities. It doesn't require a triple digit IQ, or godly powers of multitasking to achieve. In fact, in the time you took to read the article and post, you could have installed a game.

dalibor3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

The remedy to this problem, Sony should update the xmb so that while you are installing a game you could browse the internet or be able to talk to your buddies so time goes by faster. This really never bothered me though, I guess I am a patient person, either that or I just like to make a bomb#ss sandwich right before I play a game to get me pumped up haha.

IdleLeeSiuLung3581d ago

To each their own, but I don't want to plan all my gaming activities. I game as a past time when I have the time. I usually play in 1-hour sessions when I have the time. Unfortunately, I'm not a 15-year old with a lot of time on my hand and so time is of essence. When time does free up, it is short.

What works for you doesn't necessarily work for me. So don't assume things like an immature 15-year old.

However, it is no excuse why game installations aren't optional. I'm pretty sure everyone here can agree that game installations should be optional at the cost of performance.

Pennywise3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Oh idle, I love when people call me a teenager. You make me feel young again.

You say you arent 15, but you are being impatient like one. Plus most of the games now have OPTIONAL installs. SF4 had optional installs and guess what... I chose to install it. Makes loading that much quicker. Thats a plus in my book. With my mandatory HDD, I dont see any problems with this.

I dont mind the mandatory installs as long as they arent 5gig... 2 gig I can deal. But Optional installs are best. But w.e I will install the optional ones 10 out of 10 times.

GlibGamer3581d ago

You're making a mountain out of a molehill, Idle. I've got a family and a more than full-time job, and if I can install a game before playing, I'm sure you can too. I just think that like most people in society, you're just looking for something to gripe about.

How about planning ahead? Start the install before you're ready to play the game, and then come back to it when you have the time.

Not a difficult notion to execute, eh?

SuperM3581d ago

I dont think switching discs every 10 hour is a big inconvenience, but if you play a game where you have to swap discs moving to and from different zones then its a big inconvenience.

I prefer just installing a game and then know that i will never ever have to swap disc.

FarEastOrient3581d ago

Come on, I can complain because I just finished playing Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope and close to the ending especially on the third disk you will be changing DVDs constantly. I usually collect a great deal of content just to open up as many skills in the Star Ocean games. I ended up changing disc every twenty minutes, even with that being said I'm the one always having the RPGs dumped on and this is highly inefficient.

For those of us that played Xenogears, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, changing can be at times exciting when cliff hangers are at the end of each disc like in FFVIII. But unlike SO:TLH changing disc to get to earlier content is not required and I'm talking about CDs guys not DVDs.

gaffyh3581d ago

People who complain about installs are retarded, if you can't wait 10 or 15 minutes before you play a game there is something wrong with you.

People who talk about the inconvenience of switching discs are retarded, it takes only a few seconds.

IMO I prefer installs, simply because it makes loading faster (I would even choose to install optional installs). The reason I dislike multiple discs is that if one of those discs get scratched or damaged, you are completely f***ed. That isn't helped by the fact that DVDs get scratched insanely easy, and that the 360 is a disc scratching machine.

TOSgamer3581d ago

This is one of the few times I agree with Lachance. It's a shame the ps3 fanboys bombard his posts with disagrees just out of habit. Installs or disc changes aren't a big deal with one provision. I've heard you have to swap back and forth to previous discs in Star Ocean 4. That is a big no no. Once I am done with a disc that should be it. Swapping back and forth it weak.

fredy3581d ago

"Arguably the PS3 has taken more crap this generation than any other console."

of course all the sh^ty games it has dropped that doesn't even sell well...

lokiroo4203581d ago


"of course all the sh^ty games it has dropped that doesn't even sell well..."

Wow, lets all listen to the child, games that doesnt even sell well, hmm, maybe you shuld gets the grammars books and reeds those agin.

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HighDefinition3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

A stupid PS3 criticism to me is about Killzone 2........People always talk about Killzone 2 only looks AMAZING because it took 3 1/2 years and 30 million dollars. Which is ridiculous because.....

Did you know Halo3 was in development for 3 years aswell and cost 30 million to make, plus 30 million for advertising. But you`ll rarely hear about that.

People also critize the hype behind Killzone2 and how it couldn`t live up to it, you have any idea how much hype was behind Halo3. Seriously.

It just goes to show you quick people are to criticize the PS3.

Saladfax3581d ago

While I do agree with your point, it's pretty common for people to readily jump to defend their/attack others' systems.

Although it does seem the PS3 gets more crap hurled at it.

GarandShooter3581d ago

HD, and people conveniently forget that GG built a game engine, and judging from the demo and beta, an awesome one at that, in that same time frame. An engine that can be licensed to other studios (at GG's and Sony's option of course) and recoup some of that investment.

How fast would one be called out, if the time it took to come from nothing to UE3.5 was considered to be part of Gears 2 development time? It would of course be a ridiculous argument, but some can only see that when it applies to their console of choice.

well_damn3581d ago

its because im

johover1123581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Wtf??? lol

Figboy3581d ago

i'm black, and i empathize with the PS3's subjugation by the man. lol

and on topic, complaining about installs and disc swapping is retarded.

personally, i'm behind things like Blu Ray, because it allows larger textures, audio data, and other data (like space to fit a LOT of animation data for characters: see Uncharted: Drake's Fortune).

the same arguments get thrown about every generation, and for an oldtimer like me, it gets tiring and annoying to hear this EVERY GENERATION.

i've accepted that some games will require an install, and others won't. i simply make room on my HDD when necessary.

i currenly have about 30 or so gigs free from my 60gig, and i still haven't optimized my HDD (ie, moving my videos to my external HDD).

it just seems like an issue to gripe about just to gripe about something.

there are some legitimate complaints to hurl at the PS3, but this ain't one of them.

Cajun Chicken3581d ago

I'm not bothered by game installs, if theres a point that I need more room on my HDD, I'll delete them, simple as that or get a bigger HDD, if I feel its neccercary, (The PSN games are more likely for me to do this).
Like the guy says, its much better than installing a PC game, we need to type no codes, swap disc like I had to with Doom3 and numberous others. Not a problem.

dalibor3581d ago

I agree with you. Let me ask this question to everybody. What do you do when you first get your pc & you need to install programs, update it & whatnot? Do people really b*tch about this? I don't thats why I don't mind the installs for the ps3, even if the 360 had installs I would not mind it. There were only a couple of intalls that did take a while, I think it was gta4 & mgs4(not as bad as gta4 because of intervals of installs) the rest of the ps3 games did not take a long time to install.

Monkey5213581d ago

People on here that have consoles don't play PC games. They have never heard of them. If they did, they would know that game installs are not that big of an issue and that they can only help your gaming experience. It took me like an hour and a half to install UT 2k4, that's what I call patience lol. So worth it in the end though.

Imallvol73581d ago

PS3 has been plagued by many illegitimate complaints. It's all a part of the media's hatred for all things PS3 that used to exest. They seem to be coming around now however.

GarandShooter3581d ago

They're coming around out of necessity, not out of choice. If they continue to spew the same garbage that has been spewed, they'll just look all the more stupid. Trying to save face will almost always cause people to back pedal and turn 180 degrees.

TOSgamer3581d ago

It is better now but definitely not gone. Just listen to the last 2 podcasts of 1up Yours or whatever they call it now.

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