Tomb Raider Underworld Beneath The Ashes Trailer

The first trailer for the imminent Tomb Raider Underworld DLC.

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WhittO3552d ago

is this DLC exclusive to 360 aswell or is it multi-plat ?

rhood0223552d ago

It's exclusive. As is the other episode that will be released.

But some Eidos employees admitted that these were levels in the game that were removed explicitly for DLC.

WhittO3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

lol god thats alot of exclusive DLC!!

dont have this game anyway, Uncharted FTW lol.

Id be pissed though if i did have it and i couldnt download any DLC for it, Sony need to get a move on with this.

3552d ago
thor3552d ago

Who is this character ^^^^

I know who Nasim is, but this certainly isn't him. What does this person have against Nasim? I've seen a few accounts recently mocking/immitating/insulting Nasim. Anyway reported off-topic.

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aggh im on fire3552d ago

I really enjoyed Underworld. Day one download for me.

3552d ago
2FootYard3552d ago

I never played a Tomb Raider game.

Magnus3552d ago

Great i only have the game on the PS3 and it was awsome i hope this content is coming to the PS3

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