8.5 Skate 2 PS3 Review

Markers allow for easily re-trying missions
Open world San Vanelona, many great skating locations
Customizing your character
Ability to walk/jump
Move It! - benches, dumpsters if its not nailed down you can move it

Controls can get confusing
Minor visual glitches

Coming from several versions of skateboarding games like EPYX's California Games, EA's Skate or Die! and Neversoft's Tony Hawk, I can say this generation of EA's Skate 2 holds up to those titles and even surpasses many of them. Unless you're a gamer who like your skateboarding games in 2D, you'll enjoy Skate 2… just please, *DO NOT TRY THESE TRICKS AT HOME! What's good insurance if you're not Skating.

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