Gamers Temple Review - Star Ocean: Second Evolution

The Gamers Temple writes: "It's been a few weeks since the second Star Ocean remake, Second Evolution, was released for the PSP here in the U.S. We at always try to get new games reviewed a.s.a.p. because we understand the draw of a brand new game and the nagging question of whether or not you should purchase and enjoy it. In this game's case, a number of things slowed my turnaround time. I had finished the first PSP Star Ocean remake, First Departure, right as the second came out and needed a break before hopping headfirst into the sequel. Add to that the fact that I tried to plow through things as fast as humanly possible so I could get this review out. As it ended up, I had a team of severely under-leveled heroes and nothing else to accomplish aside from the final boss and New Game+ stuff. After I FINALLY won (through sheer dumb luck, admittedly), I felt as though I could review Second Evolution fairly and thoroughly. Consider this my personal apology for the delay; but delay or no, both First Departure AND Second Evolution are top-notch RPG remakes with relatively simple plots and even simpler customization. Despite their one-dimensional characters, shallow RPG options (new weapons, skill points, talents, item creation, etc.) and "meh" stories, both games more than deserve a spot in your PSP library… and with the handheld's abysmal release schedule over the past year or so, well, lets just say these simple RPGs look even better against a backdrop of crap like B-Boy, Neverland Card Battlers and who knows how many other embarrassments."

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