Gamers Temple Review: Moon

The Gamers Temple writes: "The DS is not a system known for first-person shooters, primarily because the DS' controls are not a natural fit for shooters. In spite of this limitation, shooters are occasionally released for the DS, one of which is Moon. Moon uses a control scheme that's been employed for DS shooters before, and its a scheme that works reasonably well. The touch screen is used to control facing and turning, with the D-pad controlling movement, and the Left Trigger used to fire weapons. If you haven't played a game which employs a similar control scheme before it will take a little time for you to get used to it, but once you do it will prove to be relatively easy to use. There will be times when you don't quite have the stylus in the right spot to make a critical quick turn while under attack and occasional hand cramps are not unheard of, but for the most part the control scheme works well enough."

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