Gamers Temple Review: Flower

The Gamers Temple writes: "Flower isn't so much a game as it is an experience. There are many things in Flower that the developers did very, very well. They did such a good job in fact, that you won't even notice. The level of immersion is so deep and natural, that you feel a part of the game experience instead of somebody sitting on a couch pushing buttons. That's about the highest praise that you can give to a game, and I almost feel that I should end this review here and just let you go to experience it on your own. However, I know that jaded gamers require more to go on than simple praise before deciding to buy a game and that developers like to read these reviews to see if critics appreciated their innovations and ideas, so in the end I feel compelled to continue. However, I encourage those who want to experience something truly unique and innovative in gaming to stop reading now and to go and experience it for themselves without any preconceived notions of what to expect from the game."

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