Windows 7 "Great For Games," But What About GFW Live?

Game-On writes: "I've been mucking about with the Windows 7 beta for a few weeks now and it really is like zipping along on a Japanese maglev train compared with Vista's logy boiler-fed code. Microsoft's VP of Interactive Entertainment Chris Lewis is capitalizing on similar sentiments, telling that "Windows 7 will be great for games," and that "It's all good news...the early testing cycles are proving very promising overall."

Let's level set. In terms of raw frames per second, games actually perform on par with Vista, so no, with Windows 7 we're not talking a return to halcyon Windows XP days. But looking at overall performance, from the time it takes the operating system to be functionally accessible after you've logged in, to the disk-crunching and memory-swapping processes that comprise that hugely relativistic metric we call "the enduser experience," it feels like another (leaner, swifter) animal entirely."

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