Enormous lifesize Killzone 2 ad in Amsterdam

PS3-Sense writes "In Amsterdam Sony putted up a enormous lifesize ad of Killzone 2. This is because the game is going to be released on february 27" You find a photo after the jump.

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WhittO3582d ago

Finally !! Sony are actually advertising the game like they said they would!

Hope they do this for all their releases from now on and not just the huge ones.

If they had this amount of advertising for God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Infamous and Uncharted 2 they will have alot of sales this year (im sure the price drop will help too lol).

I also remember reading last year that infamous has a budget for marketing that rivals a blockbuster movie!! but that id like to see that to believe it.

interrergator3582d ago

god of war should be everywhere thats sonys mascot lol

Variable3582d ago

Maybe they're spending a little bit more because Amsterdam is the home of Guerrilla Games :)

christian hour3582d ago

Thats what I was thinking Variable. I doubt we'll see an advertisement for killzone 2 like this anywhere else. I have seen NOTHING for killzone 2 overe here yet, plenty for sf4 and halo wars over the past few weeks on the sides of buildings and buses and billboards and what not. But nothing for KZ2, which is a damn shame because it deserves to have its logo plastered out there along with its release date so everyone knows, YOU NEED THIS GAME!

I didn't think I needed it, I thought i'd survive without it (was kinda put off by the first killzone) but seriously, this game is ruddy brilliant!

Karum3582d ago

What is TGSI?

I see various people add this to the end of their posts and always wonder wtf it means lol

Mrs Helghast3582d ago

TGSI means Trans Gender Sexual Intercourse

Bathyj3582d ago

Life sized?

I didn't know the Helghast were so tall.

Variable3582d ago

Be affraid... :P

Nice ad, love it :D

Nelson M3582d ago

A Billboard next to Marts Flat

Bathyj3582d ago

I seriously just laughed out loud then.

Marts parents would sue Sony after the suicide.

Leg-End3582d ago

does anyone actually know what happened to the mart? in 2007/start of 08 he was everywhere, now hes hiding behind some billboard in the netherlands :p

Jerk1203582d ago

Advertise all you want.

The game will still fall.


LeonSKennedy4Life3582d ago

Can you say "more reserves than Gears of War 2"?

onomix3582d ago

We both don't like the game. But, maybe we should stop being dumb asses? Maybe we should stop attacking the game? It must be very annoying for the guys who like the game. That's mine advise to you. I feel like a dumbass now, after all the sh't I have done in the past few hours. Damn, I must be completely nuts.

Shane Kim3582d ago

Listen onomix, it's really nice that you're going through a change and have come to your senses. However, we in the Sony fanboy club are not kids as in the Xbot fanboy club, therefore we do not cry as you girls. You can badmouth any PS3 exclusive until it grows gray hair on your head, we don't care. We know we bought the best system out there with the best games on the market.


I will still have my copy , my friends will still have there copies who gives a fk about everybody else . so you fail

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The story is too old to be commented.