Play Review: Street Fighter IV

Play-mag writes: "When Street Fighter II first blazed into arcades back in 1992 it set a standard that few other beat-'em-ups could match. Its perfectly balanced fighters, instantly likeable characters and fantastic special moves made short work of every challenger that faced it.

Sadly, the same can't be said for its 3D outings. So when we first heard that Street Fighter IV would be an all-new 3D effort, we had initial concerns that it would suffer from the same issues that had plagued Arika's sub-par EX series. We needn't have worried.

Don't be fooled by its insanely good visuals. Street Fighter IV's gameplay remains firmly entrenched within the 2D planes of old. It also happens to be not only the finest fighter to currently grace Sony's console, but could well be the greatest beat-'em-up of all time."

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