Console Wars: Console Exclusives

VGM writes: "Last week in Console Wars, we had a look at each of the systems' online capabilities and what could be right for each type of gamer. This week, I welcome you back as inviting exclusives that are available for each system.

Exclusives are meant primarily as software to sell a certain system. In some cases it means that the game has been scripted only for the system at hand, or it can often be a way to deter buyers from purchasing other systems. For instance, if you're looking for Halo, too bad if you are in the market for a PS3. The same goes for those intrigued by Little Big Planet - you'll be relegated to a PS3 if that's what you're after. Each of the systems has their own parade of games that are only available their respective systems, but as we have seen in the past, things do not always stay that way."

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