Preview: Warhawk

At last year's E3, the game was demoed at Sony's press conference as the demonstration of the Sixaxis controller. At the time, the game was promised to have a deep single-player experience following a pilot attempting to liberate his homeland from invaders, as well as a large multiplayer component that supported up to 32 players. However, with the exception of an appearance at last year's TGS, Sony and Incognito kept the game tightly under wraps, spawning numerous rumors on the Web. IGN recently was invited to a Warhawk event by Sony and Incognito, who wanted to set the record straight on the game, as well as give them a hands-on impression of the title.

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DJ4301d ago

There's 25 maps involved, so there's no way this is going to be download-only. That'd be too insane. Better to give us the option of both.

lilwingman4301d ago

I was skeptical at first, but after reading that preview, I'd say this game will please a lot of people, and I don't even like war games :P. Sounds like a really engaging title so far, not to mention the seamless split-screen feature.

BIadestarX4301d ago

ohh no digital distribution! Isn't this a blu-ray game? It would take 1 month to download, beside people like holding the physical game on their hands.... [sarcasm level 80]

nix4300d ago

should come out in both formats.... but so far so good. (:

smeg0rz4300d ago

stop moaning with your download times, this being multiplayer only, your looking at a lot of the CGI, Music and other mediums being cut out, just look at DEMOS on xbox live, they are no were near the size of the full game, maps are nothing in size, even if your looking at 3-4gb it's just a fact of leaving it over night if u have a slow connection, and if u have slower than 1mb, you just shouldnt be playing the game anyway...

Looks good, good work Incognito!

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The story is too old to be commented.