NowGamer: King's Bounty: The Legend Review

King's Bounty's looks fantastic, and though the graphic engine isn't cutting-edge, the use of colour and detail is vividly realised. There's no empire building involved in it (though you can build a family!), so the game sticks to the former part of the explore, expand and conquer strategy of Heroes Of Might & Magic, which should prove a delight for the majority of HOMM fans. However, the text translation isn't good, and though you can get by wading through lengthy sections of Frenglish, you'll soon find you don't really care about the plight of those terrorised villagers any further than the reward and experience you glean from the associated quest. King's Bounty is also bereft of a map editor, though this oversight may be addressed in the near future with the coming expansion from Katauri. Don't let either of these negatives scare you off though, King's Bounty is a highly accessible and very immersive title that any strategy fan will immediately warm to.

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