VGM Preview: Prototype

VGM writes: "Prototype stars Alex Mercer, a mysterious sort of fellow with shape-shifting powers. A horrible virus is spreading throughout the city and Alex must get to the bottom of things while also discovering a few things about his past. A main character with amnesia? No way! Still though, who needs a main character with an original backstory when you have super powers? Apart from absorbing other people to assume their forms and gain their abilities, Alex can shape his arms and hands into a variety of weapons, like spikes and blades. Your attacks are split into heavy and light attacks and like any action game worth its salt, stringing together combos is the way to get things done in style. "Project Blackwatch", a military organization trying to contain the virus as well as take you in will be (unintentionally) providing you with vehicles and primitive human weaponry like "guns" and things like that, but using those would kind of be missing the point, much like driving cars in the Xbox 360 super-cop simulator, Crackdown."

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