Pre-Order Bonuses - Good, Bad or Ugly?

Game stores these days are known for allowing gamers to pre-order videogames. These "down payments" are rewarded, sometimes, with special items, known as Pre-Order Bonuses. Most of these items are T-shirts, collectibles, companions to the game (art books and journals of characters), or even accessories for the system itself, like system face plates, DS cleaning cloths, or PSP key fobs. Sometimes, however, the item is in-game content. This may include a special quest, weapon, item, mount, or vehicle.

These in-game items create some controversy sometimes when they are given out. Some of them will skew gameplay to reward major advantages for certain players and not others, thus discouraging some players from even trying to play and making the game feel biased towards the consumer who got to put down five dollars before the game came out. On the other hand, some of these items are purely aesthetic. A war rages on and, as with any other situation, gamers take sides on this issue.

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ssbains3554d ago

Not all games are worth pre-ordering.
There are a select few that are worth having on release day and having a pre-order bonus is a plus.

At times having $5 or $10 off is sufficient, other times downloadable content is a plus. I would rather opt for a premium edition if content are good e.g. Street Fighter IV for PS3 than a pre-order bonus, unless it is Killzone 2 from Amazon!