GDC: Mass Effect looking better and better

Following a new demo at the Game Developers Conference, Bioware has released a fresh batch of Mass Effect screenshots - and as usual it's looking gorgeous.

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SuperSaiyan43975d ago

This game wipes the floor with gears of war!

ben hates you3975d ago

i think this years graphics will be best with

1st Halo
2nd mass effect
3rd maybe fable, killzone, forza i don't know what to put for third

Rasputin20113975d ago

This game is going to rock BUT I don't know if it can take Gears off of the top of the hill...I still don't know if Halo 3 will be able to do it.

3975d ago
PS360PCROCKS3975d ago

I cant wait for this game, screens look excellent. Benisme man bioshock dude, that game has a crazy art style but it looks fantastic, the water effects are unparalled

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The story is too old to be commented.
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